Wooden Poles: Top uses for Tanalith Pressure Treated Poles

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Wooden Poles

Wooden poles have been around for centuries. It is a simple product that has transformed the way in which we build and farm internationally. Wooden poles have evolved with the times. Growing, harvesting, treating, and, manufacturing has improved to ensure that the end-consumer gets the best product available.

Reputable growers and manufacturers adhere to strict guidelines and procedures. Therefore, it is important that you, as an end-consumer or reseller (timber merchant) ask for the relevant certification.

How do you know whether a Timber Pole manufacturer is reliable?

In South Africa, there are a few questions you can ask your supplier to assess the quality of the product you are buying:

  • Are your Treated Poles SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) approved according to the specific industry of use?
  • Are you registered with the NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications)?
  • (Optional) Are you a member of SAWPA (South African Wood Preservers Association)?

Additionally, you can rely on a company’s reputation and customer reviews. It is always best to openly ask the relevant questions before making any purchases.

What are some of the top uses for Timber Poles?

Wooden poles are versatile enough that you can use them in multiple industries. However, here we are going to discuss three of the most popular uses.

Wooden Pole Fencing Posts

Timber is one of the best materials to use for fencing. It is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and long-term solution for fencing and railing poles.

Agriculture Fencing and Building Posts, laths, and droppers

In Agriculture, especially farming with animals, you require high quality, environmentally friendly and long-lasting structures which will not leach and contaminate your soil. Therefore, CCA tanalised pressure treated timber that has specifically been treated for your application is the best option.  It will not rot, decay, leach or contaminate your soil.

The poles can be used to build cattle kraals or to enclose your farm’s perimeter to protect against free-range animals or predators. Additionally, poles come in various sizes and shapes, making it perfect for use on wildlife farms (game farms) where you are farming with animals that have the ability to easily jump significantly higher than traditional livestock. These farmers need exceptionally long and strong poles to ensure the safety of their game. Sabie poles can manufacture CCA Treated poles in lengths up to 15 meters. Making it easy to find the exact size and length you need.

Railings / Balustrades

Railings are most commonly seen in communal areas where people are guided on a specific path. Frequently seen in places like parks, beaches, and in business or domestic complexes where there are many people using the same areas.

Balustrades are frequently seen on balconies and walkways along a pier. It is purely there for the safety of everyone making use of the raised platform, especially children. Without Balustrades, any type of raised platform will present a danger to people making use of it.

Pressure-treated wooden poles are ideal for the application of piers. There is a specific CCA Treatment class for different applications. H4 and H5 poles are specifically manufactured and treated to be used with poles that come into contact with water. Read more on CCA Treatment classes in our post: Which CCA Class to use for your application.

Domestic Fencing

“Good fencing makes good neighbors” is an old proverb but still holds true to this day. CCA tanalised pressure Treated Timber Poles are perfect for fencing off your perimeter. Use the right hazard class CCA Treated Timber for your fence, (we recommend Hazard class 4). Thereby, you are guaranteed a fence that will last a lifetime.

Building / Construction Wooden Poles

The construction industry is a major consumer of CCA tanalised pressure treated timber products. Building with CCA Treated Wooden Poles can add a sturdy, safe, rustic, environmentally friendly and warm elegance to any construction project. Therefore, it is used in the building of very specific areas like:

Lodges and Game Reserves

Using CCA pressure-treated poles to build a lodge or game reserve adds a specific ambience to the setting. It adds a rustic, natural element to the luxury holiday experience. It is free from insect attacks, decay and is also environmentally friendly and basically maintenance free.

Log Cabins/ Wooden Homes

Many people want to bring nature into their homes while saving on labour and material costs. Therefore, they opt for building with CCA tanalised pressure Treated Timber Poles, cladding, decking and S5 construction timber. Log cabins and wooden homes are ideal for any climate. Read more about the construction of various timber homes in some of our other posts.

Domestic Uses for Wooden Poles

Another major consumer of CCA tanalised pressured treated poles is the domestic or DIY sector. Handymen and women all over the world are trying out their DIY skills with pressure-treated timber. Some of the most common uses for wooden poles in the DIY sector includes:

Decking and Flooring

Using treated timber for decking is one of the most popular options. It an affordable option that will last for years with minimal upkeep. We have done multiple articles on deck designs, how to build a deck and more.

Garden Projects

Home gardeners use CCA tanalised pressure Treated Poles for a multitude of projects like:

  • Pergolas and Verandas
  • Building trellises for climbing plants
  • Planter boxes and raised garden beds
  • Storage sheds / Wendy Houses

Using untreated wood for these projects is short-lived and will result in insect attacks, rotting and decay of wood. Using it in the garden means the timber will be exposed to various wood-decaying factors/elements in the environment like wood-eating insects, constant moisture, contact with soil, etc.

Jungle Gyms

Jungle Gyms and other building projects for kid’s entertainment (Like sandpits, swings, etc.) is the perfect use for CCA tanalised pressure treated timber.  It is safe to use, sturdy and child friendly. Another advantage of using CCA tanalised pressure treated timber in kids play area is that it can be painted with any non-toxic water or solvent based paint.

Using CCA tanalised pressure Treated Timber with its anti-rotting/decaying properties to build your kids play area will give you peace of mind and will outlast your child’s growth by far.

Treated Timber Jungle Gym

As can be seen from the examples above, wooden poles have multiple applications in various industries. At Sabie Poles, we specialize in CCA tanalised pressure Treated Poles. We have been the market leaders for over 25 years, and we still strive to uphold our good reputation within the industry.

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