Wood Supply: Gum Poles, Fencing Materials, Moldings and more

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Whole Sale TimberConstant and quality wood supply has been Sabie Pole’s main goal for over 20 years. Our company’s mission has always been honesty, great customer service and quality timber products at reasonable prices.

We are constantly expanding our timber product supply, to be able to meet the demands of our timber merchants all over Southern Africa. Therefore, we invest time and effort into developing products that we know the consumers will love. 

Wood Supply: Fencing Materials

One of the biggest questions we get at Sabie Poles, is regarding out fencing materials. We have a few options to choose from when it comes to timber posts and wooden poles. 

Firstly, we need to establish the strength of the fence that you will need. Example: A garden railing fence will have a different strength than a game range fence to keep big animals inside the farm. 

Therefore, once we have established a strength we can go about recommending the perfect size and style for your fence. We have two categories to choose from when you’re looking at Fencing Poles: Square Cut Poles and Standard Round Wooden Poles. 

Wood Supply Gauteng

Both are treated with CCA according to the appropriate standards from SABS and NRCS. 

Additionally, both of these styles of wooden poles will be suitable for any type of fencing, the only difference is the cut, and therefore, they both have a unique style. The cut does not determine or affect the strength of the poles. 

You can read more regarding our fencing materials in a comparative post from 2018 here. 

Furthermore, you can check out the pricing and sizes of all of our treated wooden poles on our online quoting system. 

Wood Moldings Supply at Sabie Poles

When we talk/write about wood moldings, we usually refer to elements such as wood cladding, decking planks, flooring planks and, ceiling planks.

These all form part of our wood supply at Sabie Poles. 

Wood Moldings Supply

Wood Cladding Supply

Cladding is most commonly used on the exterior of a home for added protection. Additionally, it’s used as a design element to finish off a building’s look and feel. 

Wood Cladding can also be used internally for it’s aesthetic value. 

Untreated and treated cladding can be ordered from Sabie Poles. The benefit of this, is that you choose where you use it. Additionally, wooden cladding gives you the advantage of being able to paint it whatever colour you desire. 

Wooden Decking/Flooring Planks supply 

We are committed to bringing our clients the highest quality wooden products. This extends to our timber decking plank supply. 

We take pride in knowing that our decking planks will last at least 15 years with our specialized CCA Treatment and manufacturing process. 

Custom Decking

At Sabie Poles, we allow our clients to choose exactly what they want. This includes choosing their own timber for their decking. 

We are able to cut and treat hardwood floor planks according o our client’s specifications. 


The video on the left shows freshly-cut Saligna Decking Planks for one of our clients. We pride ourselves in checking every single batch of wood products before they leave our premises to ensure the highest quality at all times. 

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More information

We know that this post includes a lot of information regarding our most popular products etc. But there’s so much more valuable information scattered around our entire website. 

Therefore, a FAQ blog post was recently created to answer all of our clients or future client’s burning questions. 

This includes all the wood supply questions like: Where do we deliver? What can these products be used for? What does the CCA Class system mean? And so much more.

Why trust Sabie Poles as your Timber / Wood Supply and Manufacturer?

As mentioned previously, we have been in the business of CCA treatment and timber for over 20 years. 

Some of our major

 accomplishments in the industry is: 

  • Independent timber farm owned and run by Sabie Poles to ensure quality and consistency when it comes to timber supply. 
  • Received SABS approval for our CCA Treated Timber in 1997. 
  • Currently market leaders in CCA Treatment, SABS refers other pole treatment manufacturers to us for guidance on correct manufacturing and treatment on wood products. 
  •   Sabie Poles was the first to receive the SA Wood Preservers Associations environmental competence certificate – August 1997. 
  • Voluntary fulfillment of  the SABS code practice 0255 (Reduction of Environmental and Human health hazards of Wood Preservation).
  • 15 year guarantee on all CCA Treated Products. (Provided that the correct CCA Treatment class was used for your application. )
  • Wood Supply timber merchants

We are passionate about our products and their availability around the world. Therefore, we deliver anywhere in Southern Africa. Additionally, we deliver to anyone of the SADC countries. 

In South Africa

Export to SADC Countries

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