Wood DIY Projects with Sabie Poles

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Wood DIY

Wood DIY (Do it yourself) projects are very enjoyable. You can either do it yourself or make it a family project and spend quality time with your loved ones and build something that will have many precious memories attached to it.

Additionally, wood DIY projects work out cheaper than buying the same products in retail outlets. Sabie poles have done multiple posts on DIY projects over the last couple of years, so we wanted to take some time to remind our readers of everything they can do with our CCA Tanalith treated timber.

Note: Did you know that Sabie Poles offers you the opportunity to Lay-buy your timber? That way you can set aside your timber for that big D.I.Y project you are dreaming of and pay it off as the funds become available. Contact our sales office to discuss our lay-buy options.

Wood DIY for the Farmer:

Whether you are a small-scale farmer or a subsistence farmer, you probably know the
the struggle of over-priced enclosures for your animals and greenhouses for your plants.
However, there are plenty of DIY options for you to choose from when you start researching. CCA treated gum poles are your best option when building something for farming purposes.

You need something that will be strong, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, durable and affordable initially and in the long run. We set out to find designs and information about building various enclosures etc. that will still be of high quality and last at least 15 years.

DIY Garden Ideas
In this post, we briefly discuss the best products for raised garden beds and trellises for your garden. These are two very important structures for subsistence farmers that want to grow their own food in their backyard.

Coop Construction

DIY Wood Chicken Coop
We look at the perfect designs for chicken coops, what you need to look out for and which timber to use where. Perfect beginners guide to chicken farming in South Africa!

Bee Hive Designs
Bees are the backbone of any farming community. They can increase or decrease the yield of your fruit and vegetables, and therefore are very important. Many farmers have chosen to build their own beehives to encourage bees to stay on their farms!

Boergoat Enclosure DIY
Boergoats are a fast-growing industry in South Africa. Perfect for commercial farming and for subsistence farming. Therefore we investigated, and brought you the ideal Boer goat enclosures and talk about how you can make affordable wood products like CCA Treated Wood Lathes and Gum Poles work for your enclosure.

Other DIY Farming Enclosures that we have blogged about:

DIY CCA Treated Pig Pen

CCA Tanalith Treated Rabbit Cage/Hatch

Cattle/Kraal DIY Wood Construction

Wood DIY Construction Ideas

If you are not a farmer, and you’re not necessarily interested in anything farming related, that’s okay! We also have a wide variety of other construction DIY ideas.

DIY Verandah or Pergola

Having a lovely garden is a treat for anyone, but when you’re under the African sun
you don’t always want to be in direct sunlight to view your masterpiece. Many
people opt to have pergolas, shade netting or verandahs added to the yard to make
viewing the garden a pleasure without the added sunburn and discomfort

Wendy House / Doll House /Shed DIY
In the post mentioned above, we look at some of the best wendy house plans, as
well as the products that you will need to construct your wendy.

Jungle Gym
Every kid wants a jungle gym. It is one of those items that a parent never regrets buying. Jungle Gyms are quite affordable and easy to build and can last up to 15
years when they are built with CCA Treated Gum poles.

Sabie Poles Products Range

As can be seen from the above-mentioned posts, CCA Tanalith Poles and products can be used for a huge variety of projects. You can quite literally build a whole house
JUST from wooden products. However, the secret to building something good, is using high-quality products from the get-go.
At Sabie Poles, we are confident that our products are of the highest quality in the market. That’s why we have a 15-year warranty on our products. If you’re looking for
the ideal products for your DIY project, feel free to contact one of our sales staff.
They are always ready to help wherever they can!

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