Treated Laths and Droppers: Uses and More

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Laths and Droppers have been around for as long as we can remember. They are loved by many due to their versatility. Therefore, we have decided to take this week to educate our readers on all the ways you can use these products.

But first, let’s get to the technicalities. The pricing and sizing of Treated Laths and droppers.

Laths and Droppers sizes and prices:

Treated Laths and droppers are available in the sizes 20-32mm. At Sabie Poles, we sell these timber products in bundles of 10.

Additionally, they are available in three different lengths : 3m, 3.6m and, 4.5m to ensure that they will be able to do what you need them to!

Furthermore, the pricing differs deepening on the length. You can view the pricing by clicking on the image below:

For other timber products:

Timber Sizes

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Uses for Treated Laths and Droppers

Like previously mentioned, there are so many uses for laths and droppers.They can be used in a variety of sectors as well, namely agricultural, domestic and decorative. 

So without further ado, let’s get to it! 

1. Droppers for Fencing

One of the most common uses for droppers are for fencing purposes. 

Fencing Dropper sizes:

32-49mm, available in lengths of 1.2m – 3m

Last year we did an article comparing the initial cost and maintenance cost of steel electric fencing with treated timber fencing Feel free to check it out here: Electric Fence Supplies

Laths and Droppers

Furthermore, these droppers can be used in all types of fencing. Whether it is to simply enclose a small space like swimming pool etc. or using it as additional support for fencing around a agricultural land or game farm. Additional perks include the fact that they are affordable initially, and have no re-sell value, so you know they won’t get stolen and you can have peace of mind knowing your fence will be safe from thieves wanting to steal steel droppers. 

These droppers are treated to the class H3. Therefore, it will be able to withstand the outdoor conditions. 

2. Garden Support Structures

Laths and Droppers are ideal for using in the garden. They are treated to endure the rain, sun and other outdoor pests that usually ruin your wood structures. 

Therefore, Laths and droppers are perfect to use as support structures in the garden. If you have a rose bush that needs some guidance a lath might just be the perfect fit. Need something stronger to keep up an olive tree or lemon tree, perhaps a dropper would be more suitable. 

Wood Trellis
Photo Credit: Serendipity Life Garden

These treated timber poles are lightweight, so you don’t need an absurd amount of strength to carry them around and plant them wherever you need them! 

3. Wooden Trellis / Lattice

Everyone has seen wooden trellis or lattice before. They add a touch of elegance to any patio or garden, while serving a very important purpose: Keeping your vines off the ground! 

Most common uses for Trellis / Lattice: For Rose vines, grapes, pumpkins, watermelon and more. 

DIY Lattice

Additionally, many people living in complexes etc. use a trellis as a way to make their yard or patio a more private area. So if you’ve looking to build yourself a solid, long-lasting trellis, look no further. Laths and Droppers can be used together to construct a lattice that will last at least 15 years! 

4. Decorative Creations

Laths and droppers are very useful, but sometimes you just need things to look pretty. Laths can offer a simple and natural solution to add some decorative elements to your garden. 


Additionally, you can use this decorative lath wall to create a bit of privacy wherever you see fit. Furthermore, you can also use laths to make plain walls look more textured and natural: 

5. Jungle Gym

Droppers are thick and strong enough to be used in jungle gyms. We did a whole post on how to DIY your jungle gym at home: DIY Jungle Gym

Droppers can be used for various purposes on the jungle gym such as fencing and ladders. 

Droppers Treated

These droppers are CCA Treated and approved by SABS. 

Therefore, the jungle gym can withstand the outdoor conditions. You kids will have a playground for at least 15 year! More if you coat your jungle gym in a thick varnish as an added layer of protection!

6. Roofing

While you usually will us brandering in a roofing project, you can also use droppers and laths for outdoor structures like a lapa, or pergola. 

In a lapa, the laths will act as support ctructures for the roof thatching. (Grass roof). Whereas, when you are building a pergola, you can construct the walls and roof in such a way that the entire pergola will be overgrown with vines. Laths and Droppers are ideal for projects like this, and will last at least 15 years. 

DIY Pergola


At Sabie Poles, we are dedicated to always giving our clients the best customer service, If you are still unsure what you can use Laths and droppers for, give us a call! One of our sales agents will be happy to discuss the wide uses for these timber products. 

Furthermore, you can check out the pricing and sizing of our other poles on our online pricing system for your construction project! 

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