Timber Quarter Round

Timber Quarter Round

Timber Quarter Rounds adds to the finishing touch of your flooring. They are installed between the base of a wall and the flooring.
Timber Quarter rounds

Product Information

Timber Quarter Rounds can typically be used to cover up gaps and imperfections.

  • 32mm x 32mm

Why Choose Us?

Use Timber Quarter Rounds For a Professional and Clean Finish

Timber Quarter Rounds are a small strip of wooden trim used to cover the gaps between baseboard and the floor and small 90degree gaps between walls. The trim is a quarter of a circle and is used to finish the inside of the home, leaving a neat finsih that looks clean and professional.

What are the dimensions of Sabie Poles wood quarter rounds?

Our quarter rounds are cut to be one quarter of a circle,  (34mm x 34mm) profile. and usually comes in 6m lenghts. learn more about what quarter rounds are in this short video

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