Square-Cut Poles

Square-Cut Poles

Add the authentic natural style of wood to any architecture design. Eucalyptus Square-cut poles are perfect for that rustic feel.

Product Information

  • 60mm X 60mm
  • 80mm X 80mm
  • 100mm X 100mm
  • 120mm X 120mm
  • 140mm X 140mm
  • 160mm X 160mm
  • 180mm X 180mm
  • 200mm X 200mm

Why Choose Us?

Beautiful architecture with Square-cut poles

Design breathtaking, luxurious, rustic lodges with Square-cut poles. An easy way to add a rustic feel to your architecture. We’ve helped thousands of Lodge owners create stunning designed patio’s, partitions, and outdoor bomas.¬†

Square-cut Poles offer a strong natural look that makes you feel at home. We’re able to assist you in selecting the best possible lengths and sizes to help you make your dream come alive. Our timber experts can help you with the correct sizes, length, and strength to ensure that your patio, partition or boma lasts for years to come.

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