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Reliable, certified Eucalyptus CCA Treated Timber (Gum Poles) for sale. SABS & NRCS approved products.
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Product Information

  • 32mm -49mm
  • 50mm – 74mm
  • 75mm -99mm 
  • 100mm -124mm
  • 125mm -149mm
  • 150mm – 174mm
  • 175mm -199mm
  • 200mm – 224mm



Why Choose Us?

Superior Quality

CCA Treated Poles are ideal for all your fencing, building, netting, and construction needs. Whether it is for domestic use or commercial use.

Our poles come in a wide variety of sizes to ensure that you get exactly what you need. The Sabie Poles Eucalyptus treated poles lengths range from 1.2m – 15m which makes it perfect for any type of fencing and/or building. 

  • Garden rails 
  • Home perimeter fence 
  • Game fencing 
  • Orchard Support sticks
  • Orchard netting

and more… 


Protection from wood deteriorating factors

Our CCA Poles can be treated in any CCA Treatment class that you require (H2 – H6). 

Choosing your Tanalised CCA Timber treatment class depends on what application you intend on using it for. When using the correct class for your application, Sabie Poles gives a 15-year guarantee on our Treated Gum Poles. 

These poles are protected from: 

  • Rot / Fungi 
  • Insect attacks 
  • Weathering 
  • Water damage 

In addition to our CCA Poles being effective for a long-term solution to your construction needs, they are often more affordable than their counterpart building materials. 

We have taken the knowledge of the last 25 years and implemented it into our production, harvesting, and manufacturing processes. As a company that is 100% in control of our forests, manufacturing, and treatment processes, we can guarantee our marked seal of quality on each and every pole that is sold. 

A Passion for Sustainable Forestry

We are passionate about intentional quality. However, we are also passionate about our planet and how our industry affects it. Therefore, at Sabie Poles, we have a strict promise to plant a tree for every single pole we sell. 

We’ve also invested years of trial and error, research, and experiences into manufacturing CCA Gum Poles that will last a minimum of 15 years. Choosing to build with CCA Treated Poles means you’re choosing to take care of the environment. 

Using untreated timber leads to rot, insect attacks, and inevitably to the replacement of timber structures every few years. However, using CCA Treated Timber means you only have to replace timber every 15 years. Although, CCA Treated Timber has lasted decades without the need to replace.

You can make use of Eucalyptus Poles for almost anything:

  • Garden/ Vineyard Support structures
  • Game Fences 
  • Construction of Lodges 
  • Jungle Gyms
  • Fencing Posts
  • Thatching
  • Log homes 
  • Decking Support Structures


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