CCA Laths

CCA Laths is perfect for your decorative screens, pergolas, fences, and carports. We have a wide range of lengths & sizes available to buy.
CCA Laths

Product Information

20-32mm (Bundle of 10)

Why Choose Us?

Why use Laths?

Eucalyptus Laths are a way of bringing a natural aesthetic look to any project.

The main use of CCA treated Laths is in the construction of thatched roofs.

Other everyday uses for CCA Laths include; making decorative screens, pergolas, fences, and carports. An important note to remember: the shorter the lath, the less they taper from top to bottom. The average usage when constructing a panel of laths is 30 laths per meter when spaced together.

The Laths are treated to class H3. Therefore, it will be able to withstand outdoor conditions.
learn more about wood preservation – SAWPA

Build Strong CCA Lath Fencing Panels

Treated eucalyptus Lath fencing panels are manufactured with strong frames at the back. Many different screen dimensions can be manufactured with CCA Lathes and droppers/poles or treated 38mm treated boards.  Bird hides constructed in the Kruger National Park and other game farms are perfect examples thereof. Bird hides might well be the most peaceful spots inside of the Parks. Suspended in a wooden structure with a low roof and benches, hanging over a flat expanse of water, with dry trees sticking out and birds splashing about, it’s impossible to pay a quick visit to a bird hide.

Not only are lathes used in the construction of bird hides, but also CCA pressure-treated Poles and Timber. Treated timber is also used to build furniture for use in the bird hides. CCA-treated benches are either stained to the preferred color of the builder/customer or left unstained. In these structures, builders often use CCA-treated Lathes to camouflage the hideout while making use of stronger thicker material (Poles & Droppers) to make sure the structure will last a lifetime.

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