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Timber Droppers for Fencing

Furthermore, these droppers can be used in all types of fencing. Whether it is to simply enclose a small space like a swimming pool etc. or using it as additional support for fencing around an agricultural land or game farm. Additional perks include the fact that they are affordable initially, and have no resold value, so you know they won’t get stolen and you can have peace of mind knowing your fence will be safe from thieves wanting to steal steel droppers. 

These droppers are treated to the class H3. Therefore, it will be able to withstand outdoor conditions. 

Garden Support Structures with Droppers

Laths and Droppers are ideal for use in the garden. They are treated to endure the rain, sun, and other outdoor pests that usually ruin your wood structures. 

Therefore, Laths and droppers are perfect to use as support structures in the garden. If you have a rose bush that needs some guidance a lath might just be the perfect fit. Need something stronger to keep up an olive tree or lemon tree, perhaps a dropper would be more suitable. 

Jungle Gyms with CCA Treated Droppers

Droppers are thick and strong enough to be used in jungle gyms. We did a whole post on how to DIY your jungle gym at home: DIY Jungle Gym

Droppers can be used for various purposes in the jungle gym such as fencing and ladders.

These droppers are CCA Treated and approved by SABS. 

Therefore, the jungle gym can withstand outdoor conditions. You kids will have a playground for at least 15 years! More if you coat your jungle gym in a thick varnish as an added layer of protection!

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