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Timber Ceiling

Timber Architraves

Architraves can enhance the style and theme of any room by providing character, flair, and elegance while masking or hiding joints & seams mostly between the wall and a door/window frame. They are added after the window or door framing is installed.

Timber Quarter Round

Timber Quarter Rounds adds to the finishing touch of your flooring. They are installed between the base of a wall and the flooring.

Timber Flooring

We supply quality hardwoord & softwood timber flooring, choose from a selection of lengths and sizes by requesting a free quote.

Timber Cladding

Timber Cladding is designed with your building needs in mind. We treat our cladding according to SABS rules and regulations of SABS 457-2, SABS 457-3, SABS 673. It also adheres to the NRCS rules, regulations and guidelines for treatment.

Square-Cut Poles

Square-cut poles, add the authentic natural style of wood to any architecture design. Eucalyptus Square-cut poles are perfect for that rustic feel.

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