Timber Products: 2019 Product Range

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Timber Products supplier

At Sabie Poles, we specialize in CCA Treated Timber (Poles, Decking, Cladding etc. ). But in an effort to be the most convenient place to shop for your products, we have curated some of the highest quality timber products: Treated and Untreated. 

In this post we will delve into the various product categories and products that you can purchase form Sabie Poles. 

  • CCA Treated Poles
  • Untreated Poles
  • Square-Cut Poles
CCA Pole Supplier
Gum Pole Yard

Our CCA Treated Poles are SABS and NRCS approved. This means you can be sure that each and every product is of the highest possible quality.

We can supply Bulk CCA Traeted Poles all over South Africa. We also export to various other countries. Please contact our office for more information regarding exports. 

CCA poles Log Yard, Sabie Poles

We have one other product in our Timber Poles category. 

This is referred to as “Square-Cut” poles. They are mainly used to increase the aesthetic value of any design. The clear-cut lines created a modern, simplistic aesthetic that many people are looking for in their designs. 

We have various Timber Pole Sizes available to the public and timber merchants. 

Out pole yard is filled with lengths ranging from 1.2m – 6m, with a diameter range between 32mm – 224mm. (View our range on our online quoting system to get prices and sizes on this product range. 

Construction Roof Timber
Square-Cut Poles creating a modern aesthetic in this timber roof.

Construction Timber

  • CCA Treated Timber
  • Untreated Timber

We supply quality Construction Timber in the following classes: 

  • BBB
  • S5
  • UTP

Our construction timber products are sourced locally and inspected to ensure the highest quality every single time.  

Our construction timber can be used in a  range of construction, agricultural and domestic uses. 

Many of these construction timber sizes can be used to build roof trusses, act as support beams, constructing framework for homes, Wendy houses and more. 

If you are unsure regarding the exact size and length you will need for your construction project, please feel free to contact us via email, phone or Facebook. Our helpful sales consultants will get back to you with advice regarding what construction timber products you will need. 

Timber Moldings

  • Ceiling Planks
  • Cladding
  • Decking Planks
  • Flooring Planks
Ceiling Planks m²


These timber moldings can be treated to your preference depending on their application. 

Note: Always make sure that you are using the correct CCA Treatment class for your application. 

If you are not sure what CCA Treatment Class you need, please contact our offices. Our friendly sales team will assist you in choosing the correct products 


Timber Moldings are essential to any construction project. Therefore, we have a range that will suit your budget and your style. 

These timber molding can be bought untreated or with a CCA Treatment. Furthermore, you can stain these products without any hassle to suit your design.

Additional Products at Sabie Poles

Other products that we want to highlight include: 

  • Plywood Sheets 
  • Droppers and Lathes 
  • Roof Trusses (Pre-assembled)
  • Custom Hardwood Flooring 


We strive to give our clients exactly what they need. Therefore, our timber products are not limited to what we have on our online quotation system and pricelist. We are able to quote on any customized timber product that you may need. 

This includes customized hardwood flooring planks with a wood of your choice etc. (Note: T&C’s apply on custom orders.) 



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