Enhancing Your Garden: The Beauty of Wood Decking

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Wood Decking

wood decking is a fantastic decision if you want to create a beautiful recreational outdoor space. It is understandable that many South Africans aspire to have a deck to enjoy at home. Spending time outdoors is a huge part of life in this beautiful country of ours. Many people choose to enhance their gardens by adding a deck directly onto their homes.

That is because a deck often provides that special space where friends and family can enjoy each other and the outdoors. While this is a great use of timber decking it is not necessarily the only purpose served by wooden decking in our daily lives. There are so many other uses for decking wood in South Africa.  Here at Sabie Poles we are quite familiar with all the ways that superior CCA treated decking can be used in and around the house. 

Traditional wooden deck material enhances almost any garden

If you have seen virtually any house and garden show over the past few years you will be familiar with what a big difference timber decking can make to the garden.  Keen gardeners who spend time designing their gardens often opt to use quality decking wood outdoors. That is because it can create a unique look-and-feel. There is something wonderfully upmarket about incorporating timber into a landscape design.

Timber instead of lawns

Use traditional wood decking to create striking walkways that enhance a Japanese-style garden, an informal garden, or a modern garden. South Africa lends itself to a variety of garden styles because of the climate differences between the various provinces. In this one country you will find arid regions, tropical regions, and everything in between! Practically this means that in certain regions you are unable to enjoy a green garden throughout the year.

This is why some people choose to remove grass from their gardens. It is also a very practical way to use wooden decking in our daily lives! The decking wood requires less regular maintenance than a traditional lawn does. Using timber decking to cover your backyard can create an incredibly striking overall look. The superior CCA treated decking that we stock at Sabie Poles is also slip-resistant which makes it safer for the whole family to enjoy.

Wooden walkways with wood decking

Despite the growing popularity of quality wooden decking in the garden, not everyone is comfortable saying goodbye to grass completely. People use traditional wooden deck material to create striking walkways within the garden space. This works well in lush green gardens as well as drought-friendly gardens that often feature pebbles and a variety of succulents. Because wood has such a natural look to it, it goes with so many different types of vegetation!

Quality wood decking is perfect for creating feature areas

While a luscious green lawn is certainly pleasing to look at, it requires a lot of regular maintenance. That is why oftentimes people opt to use timber to create a feature area within their gardens. Whether you choose to use plain or varnished wood it will certainly have a dramatic effect. It is so versatile, why would we not use wooden decking in our daily lives?

Ponds and other features with wood decking

Decking wood works especially well around a Koi pond or a similar water feature.  This could make for a wonderful DIY project. Or, if you are not feeling up for the stress related to a project like that, the right landscaper will know how to create a beautifully even platform from the wood supplied by professional decking suppliers.  

It does not end with Koi ponds. Some gardeners also choose to create or install beautiful garden bridges that transition you from one area of the garden to the next. With timber decking prices in South Africa being rather reasonable this is a fantastic way to make a garden stand out from the rest.

There are actually so many uses for wooden decking in our daily lives! Another great use for quality wooden decking is a Jacuzzi deck. These look great in almost any garden! Whether you opt to use lighter wood, darker wood, or even stained wood it all works. There is something about the natural beauty of choosing to house your hot tub in wood. It makes it look even more relaxing and attractive!

The role of traditional wooden decking when it comes to standalone garden structures

As we mentioned earlier timber decking prices in South Africa can be rather reasonable. That is because so much good quality timber is produced within the country. At Sabie Poles, we are proud of the fact that we produce tons of superior CCA-treated decking daily. We sell this material to various professional decking suppliers that make it readily available to the public in the various provinces around South Africa.

We are proud of the role we play in helping to supply people with quality wooden decking that has been farmed in a sustainable way. A new tree is planted for every tree harvested at Sabie Poles. Practically this means that we will be able to continue providing a steady supply of decking wood in South Africa.

Thanks to the competitive timber decking prices in South Africa as well as the stable supply of material, it is natural that South Africans would find more and more ways to use wooden decking in our daily lives. And this material truly has so many different uses within the garden space. Standalone structures constructed from quality wooden decking also add so much value to the outdoor area.

Pergolas and sundecks with wood decking

Pergolas are popular standalone structures. They work well to create an outdoor sanctuary. Pergolas can be as shady or sunny as you prefer or need.  Some people opt to leave quite a lot of space between the slats to let the sun in. Others choose narrow spaces to capitalise on the shade offered. It will all depend on the climate in your region, as well as whether you have a north-facing or south-facing garden.  Some people also enhance the shade provided by a pergola by letting a creeper grow over it.

As a pergola is a permanent garden feature it is so important to source the wood you use from professional decking suppliers that will provide you with only the best products.  Keep in mind that pergolas are outdoors all year round. They have to stand up against the elements and withstand storms as well as blazing sunshine. This is why Sabie Poles’ superior CCA-treated decking is a great product to stock if you are a supplier or contractor.

For those who love sunbathing away from the house a sundeck is also a good choice. You can make an interesting feature by building a sundeck that is not attached to your house. It also provides a lovely space where a person can enjoy the tranquillity of the garden while reading or relaxing with a drink. This freestanding structure also has to last, so it should be built from the best decking wood in South Africa.

Sabie Poles: one of the most reputable manufacturers of wood decking in South Africa

It is pretty clear that when it comes to using traditional wooden decking material to enhance the garden space you cannot skimp on quality. We already deal with a great many professional decking suppliers in the country. If you are a supplier and you are looking for a new timber manufacturer to partner with we would love to discuss your particular needs directly with you. You can rest assured that if you choose to deal with us you will receive only quality wooden decking timber.

Feel free to reach out by filling out our online contact form.  We offer our suppliers some of the most competitive timber decking prices in South Africa, and we pride ourselves on providing a steady supply of timber. Together we can give the public access to the finest decking wood in South Africa!

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