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Timber Profiles

Timber moulding products are machined timber that changes the application of the timber from normal construction or industrial use to specialised products. However, the characteristics of a timber moulding does not changed as such, hence the method normally applies to kiln-dried timber that is more stable than wet-off saw material. Softwood mouldings can be used in a treated or untreated form depending on the area of installation: indoors, outdoors, or in coastal areas where all softwoods are treated with CCA as a rule. Mouldings are shaped specifically for each application.

Timber Moulding products were originally used to mask certain areas like the space between a wall and the doorframe. Recently, more people have started using timber moulding products for decorative purposes. 

Timber homes have become more than just timber that has been stacked together to form a square building. Its versatility has become more and more recognised over time. Thus, Architects and interior designers have more opportunities to expand on their creativity by building beautiful timber homes.

Timber moulding products

At Sabie Poles we offer a wide variety of timber moulding products, each of them serving a certain purpose.  As mentioned above, it is important to know the different options you can choose from. having said this, it will enable you to build the timber home you have always dreamed of. 


At last, you are able to build your dream timber holiday home! You have already built your timber structure using top-quality CCA Treated S5 Construction Timber/Structural Timber and Poles. At this stage, it is only a structure. You need more to make it the perfect cosy home you’ve always imagined, which in this case, is timber mouldings. This is where Sabie Poles saves the day. We have all the required timber you are looking for as we have it all in one place! 

Let’s discuss the timber mouldings that you may need:

Timber Flooring

For the perfect flooring, we have Quality Pine Wood.  Timber flooring can also be used as a ceiling bottom and flooring top should you choose to add a second floor or loft. Pine is the most preferred material for flooring as it is more cost-effective and less prone to cracking. We specialize in the “Tongue and groove flooring “profile for flooring.  The floorboards are all fitted with a protruding (tongue) and concave (groove) parts that fit together like puzzle pieces.

We have two thicknesses of flooring namely 22mm or 32 mm.  A tongue and groove flooring board is generally 102mm wide and it is available treated or CCA pressure treated.

Pine flooring can also be stained and varnished to enhance durability and to achieve the look that you desire. 

Timber tongue and groove profile.

Timber Ceiling

Timber ceilings have air pockets that are naturally in the wood’s grain. Within the cellular structure, it retains cold and heat. Furthermore, is has excellent soundproofing and insolation character. This is very important in creating that relaxing environment that timber homes generally offer.

Timber ceilings can make the space appear bigger and better. It is lightweight with a thickness of 13mm and a width of 67 mm. Just like timber flooring, comes with a tongue and groove profile (as displayed in the image above) for easy installation.  When installed, little to generally no maintenance is needed. Timber ceiling can be CCA treated and then painted/stained to any colour of your choice.

Timber Decking

A timber deck is almost a must have because it is ideal for outside socializing, the perfect get-together space. On the other hand, if you are not into socializing, it works as the perfect space to sit outside. Relax and read a book and enjoy the wonders of nature around you while soaking up the sun.  above all no plan submissions are needed to increase the area of your home with a timber deck.

We offer Quality CCA Treated Decking boards with a thickness of 22mm or 32mm. We have two options available namely plain or non-slip.

Maintenance on decking is relatively low. You can paint, stain or varnish your deck to increase its durability and achieve your desired look.

Timber decking profiles.

Timber Cladding

Cladding works great as a finishing touch to your interior or exterior structure. Not only does cladding add more character to your structure, it holds many other benefits too. The primary roles of cladding are to control the infiltration of weather elements and the egress of water vapor. It also provides a durable, aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is also strong and lightweight.  Timber cladding is also very easy and quick to install.  This lessens the building time which in turn brings down the cost of erecting a timber home.

At Sabie Poles, we manufacture and supply the half log (shiplap) cladding profile for the exterior and interior of timber structures. Half log cladding has a curved profile to the front of the timber, giving it the ‘log’ effect, and is flat on the back and is ideal for log cabins, garden rooms, summerhouses and garden sheds. You can paint, stain or varnish your timber cladding to increase its durability and achieve your desired look.

Timber cladding profile


Architraves are not structurally necessary as they do not support the frame of a window or a door, and they do not hold any of the building materials together. However, they still have an important function. Windows and doors without architraves can look dull, bare, and exposed, adding Architraves just provides that finishing touch.

Architraves can enhance the style and theme of any room by providing character, flair, and elegance while masking or hiding joints & seams between the wall and a door/window frame. They are added after the window or door framing is installed. 

Timber architrave profile.

Quarter –Rounds

The shape of a quarter round is exactly as the name says, logs that are cut into quarters. Quarter rounds are ideal for adding that finishing touch to your flooring. They are installed between the base of a wall and the flooring. They can typically be used to cover up gaps and imperfections.

Quarter rounds basically serve the same purpose as architraves but for space between wall base and floors. They can also be painted, stained and varnished to your desired look.

Scenario: Now that you know what timber mouldings are and the function for everyone is, you will be able to complete your dream timber home easier and quicker. Best of all, you are able to buy all the timber you need from one place. 

The bonus is that you can be guaranteed, that the products you buy from Sabie Poles, are of the best quality. All your timber products are SABS and NRCS Approved. We have been a well-trusted supplier for over 20 years. 

Timber quarter-round profile.


We have been successfully exporting timber to all the Southern African Development Communities (SADC countries); as well as internationally for more than 27 years. We also deliver locally. Our timber products are available at our factory in Sabie – 25 Bandsaag weg, Sabie and at these hardware stores:

BUCO Nationwide.  ZJ Essential hardware stores in Mpumalanga and Gauteng, Build-it Hoedspruit and Mpumalanga timbers in Nelspruit.

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