Timber Prices and Sizes: Introducing our Online Quotation System

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Online Quotation

When you are planning any project, you always want a quick quotation to determine how much it will cost. This usually involves getting on the phone, calling around, trying to get pricing on the various timber products you will need for your project. That’s why we have decided to put together an effortless way for anyone to generate an estimated quotation for all their timber needs.

We have spent many hours planning and compiling a working online quoting system that will generate the timber prices for your project.

We are dedicating this year’s first post to help you understand why we created this timber prices and online quotation system, how it works and what categories of timber products you can expect to see.

Why we have created this Online Quoting System

As mentioned above, we have created this system for a handful of reasons. We will list some of the most important perks below:

  • Instant Quotation Generation for Timber Prices and Sizes

This new system allows you to get instant pricing on your timber products. Furthermore, it is easy to see the different pricing depending on your timber length. You have the ability to add specific timber sizes to your quotation and then move on and add additional sizes for comparison.

It’s an effortless way to get the best pricing possible on the products you will need

Why we've created the online quote system.
  • Quicker Turnaround time on accurate quotations

This quotation system will give you the ability to individually select the right amount and sizes of products that you will need. Therefore, when you inquire regarding delivery to anywhere in South Africa, it will be easy for our sales consultants to get you an accurate delivery quotation on exactly what you need.

No more confusion regarding sizing of your timber products, because you choose them yourself!

  • 24/7 Timber Supplier Services

With our newest Online Timber Prices and quotation system, there is no need for you to wait office hours before you can start looking for estimates on your timber products! Hop onto our website, head to the “Build Your Own Quote” section, and start adding products to your cart!

You will have the pricing at your fingertips in no time. No need to wait for normal office hours to request quotes and type out a long list of all the different sizes you need.

How does our online timber pricing and quotation system work?

It’s simple. Just follow all the steps below, and you will be able to generate your quotation:

How to generate your online quote
  1. Go to www.sabiepoles.co.za
  2. Click on the “Build your own quote” button.
  3. Once your “Build your own Quote” page has loaded, you will see various products displayed. Click on the product size you will need.
  4. Thereafter, you can choose your length from the dropdown menu. This will display the pricing for that size and length.
  5. Insert the number of poles/products you will be needing into the block next to “Add to Quote” button
  6. Finally, click on the “Add to Quote” button.
  7. It will be added to quote. To view quote click on the “Product Added to Quote Label)
  8. After clicking on the “Product Added to Quote” or “Quote List” label, you will be directed to a page where you can remove, and adjust various products that you have chosen.
  9. Finally, you can add your email address to receive the quotation in PDF format directly to your inbox.

The items that you have chosen will automatically be generated in your quote. If you want to add additional timber products to your quotation, you can simply follow the exact same steps.

Timber Product Categories On our Online Quotation System

At Sabie Poles, we specialize in CCA Treated Timber, But we have a wide range of other products available. We strive to be able to supply timber merchants and individuals with all of the timber products they’ll need to start and finish any construction project.

Therefore we have the following categories available:

These categories all include various sizes and prices on all your favorite timber products.

Note: All pricing on our online quotation excludes VAT and Delivery.

Contacting Our Sales Department

If you have any additional questions regarding the pricing, please feel free to contact our sales department by leaving us an email on our Facebook Page or our ‘Contact Us’ page and a consultant will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Sales department deals with all orders. Whether it is for individual sales (a few poles) or for timber merchants all over South Africa looking to resell our timber.

If you are looking to become a timber merchant with us, please feel free to contact us. Or you can read up about our procedures in our previous post: Becoming a timber merchant with Sabie Poles

Why choose Sabie Poles as your Timber Supplier?

We have many years of experience in this field. That’s why we know high quality wood when we see t. Therefore, we source and grow only the highest quality timber. You will always know the grade of timber you are purchasing from us. Whether it is UTP or S5, we ensure that it is up to standard t=for that grade of timber.

Furthermore, our treated timber is NRCS and SABS approved, which means that you can be confident that it will last.

In conclusion, at Sabie Poles, we want to make the process of getting quotes and purchaising your timber as effortless as possible. Therefore, we have invested a lot of time into this system to make it easier for you to generate your own quote without relying on sales consultants.

After generating your online quotation and you are happy with the pricing and products, you can contact our office for payment details, availability and delivery/collection details.

We’re taking the pain out of sourcing good quality timber for your project. One step at a time

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