Sabie Poles is a trusted timber supplier and exporter

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As a company that export timber, we realize the importance thereof for the economy of south Africa. With the South African Forestry sector having an export value of over R38.4 billion, according to Forestry South Africa (FSA), it is a key contributor to South Africa’s economy.

There is no doubt that there has been economic growth in the production and exporting of wood and wood products. According to Trading Economics, “Exports of wood and wood products in South Africa increased to R 970.20mil in August from R789.80ml in July 2022.” This is a significant rising difference of R180.4ml. in one month.

It is clear that timber trading in South Africa does quite well. Importantly, as long as you trade with a trusted timber supplier and exporter, you are in good hands.

Sabie Poles is a trusted timber supplier and exporter

Over the course of these years, we have earned a great deal of trust and solid long-term relationships with our clients. As a result, Sabie Poles have been exporting timber for over 27 years.

Our exporting coordinator and sale executive, Danie Boshoff, has been with Sabie poles for years, he ensures that all exporting operations run smoothly.  Our agents are well-known global logistics and forwarding companies. Therefore, we are confident to say that you can trust us with exporting top quality timber products.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • We export only top quality poles and timber that meet all international certification standards.
  • All our timber product management systems meet the international ISO 9002 standards.
  • We know customers often require large quantities of timber, so we always make sure that we stock enough of our high-quality timber to satisfy that demand.
  • We believe time is money, so we make it a priority to deliver our products on time.
  • We are always prepared and we constantly keep a close eye on currency to ensure we keep costs as low as possible.
Export Method

Methods we use to export timber

Sabie poles believe that Ocean Freight is an optimal choice for moving large volumes while still saving costs. With exceptional team effort from our team and export agents, Savino del Bene and DPP Procurement and logistics we ensure that we deliver all timber on time, securely and safely.

When timber is exported overseas, the following procedures are put in place:

  • We ensure that we do all the necessary paperwork correctly, with reference to Export codes and quantities.
  • We ensure that we comply with all tax regulations of South Africa and other Countries.
  • We ensure that the timber is transported safely from our site to the client.
  • We ensure that we use the correct containers and vehicles for transportation.
  • We ensure that the containers are marked and sealed properly.
  • We ensure that the wood is properly fumigated according to the exporting companies’ requirements – Fumigation is the killing of pests, termites or any other harmful living organisms which might be transferred from exporting country to the importing country.

We export nationally and internationally

South African Development Community (SADC) countries are some of our best customers; as well as the Middle east and Europe.

Export Destinations

We export the multiple timber products

All our CCA treated and untreated products have the SABS and NRCS’ stamp of approval.

The timber products we have available are:

  • CCA Poles
    • lengths range from 1.2m – 15m which makes it perfect for any type of building, agricultural D.I.Y and fencing purposes. 
  • CCA Laths & Droppers
    • Treated Laths and droppers are available in the sizes 20-32mm with lengths from 3m to 4.5m.
  • Timber Mouldings


– We offer Quality CCA Treated Decking boards with a thickness of 22mm or 32mm. We have two options available namely plain or non-slip.           

Ceiling and flooring

– We have the tongue and groove profile ceiling and flooring. There are two thicknesses of flooring available: 22mm /32 mm and ceiling 13mm.  A tongue and groove flooring board is 102mm wide.


You can use architraves for decorative purpose on walls, windows and doors. Lengths available are up to 3m.


You can install quarter-rounds between the base of a wall and the flooring or ceiling. Lengths available are up to 6m.

  • Square-cut Poles
    • We offer the following diameter classes – 60mm/60mm, 80mm/80mm, 100mmx100mm, 120mmx120mm, 140mmx140mm, 160mmx160mm, 180mmx180mm and 200mm/200mm. The maximum length we have available is 6.6m.

We are fully certified to export successfully

Sabie pole have all the necessary compliance certificates for the effortless exportation of CCA Treated wood/timber products:

  • Southern African Development Community (SADC) Certificate for export
    • With this certificate our clients are granted duty free and tax free, statistics and risk assessment in South Africa. They will only be responsible for their own country’s duties and taxes.
  • SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) Approved since 1996
    • For the last 25 years, we have never compromised on quality. As a result of this, we have remained accredited by SABS since 1996. Our products meet all necessary requirements for CCA-treated timber for local sales as well as exporting to other countries in the world.
  • South African Wood Preservatives Association (SAWPA) Certificate
    • We were the first to receive the SA Wood Preservers Associations’ environmental competence certificate in August 1996. This is something that we are constantly striving to uphold and better ourselves in terms of being environmentally friendly wherever possible.
  • Additionally, we are certified with the following:

Certified & Trusted

As the national standardisation authority, the SABS is responsible for maintaining South Africa's database of more than 6,500 national standards, as well as developing new standards and revising, amending or withdrawing existing standards as required

South African Wood Preservers Association, SAWPA, promotes preservative timber treatment and these products in South Africa.

The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications mandate includes promoting public health and safety, environmental protection and ensuring fair trade.

Effective preservative technologies from Lonza extend the service life of timbers, making them a high performance material choice for a wide range of construction, landscaping and engineering applications.
The Southern African Development Community is an inter-governmental organization. Its goal is to further socio-economic cooperation and integration as well as political and security cooperation among 16 southern African countries.

Timber exporting challenges

All country’s importing requirements are different. For instance, some countries accept only treated wood while other countries accept untreated wood but require that it is fumigated. Furthermore, some countries require certain permits and certification which differ from that of other countries.

If you try to import timber yourself or if you work with untrusted suppliers, you will only increase the possibility of unwanted challenges. for instance, if the paperwork is not done correctly, your cargo will not be cleared and you could:

  • Run the risks of your timber cargo being impounded.
  • End up waiting months for your cargo, if all goes well.
  • Be fined and charged a fee for holding your cargo.
  • End up paying taxes and duties of both countries without the SADC certificate.

Eventually, there will be more unexpected problems and expenses that you would note have if you worked with a trusted supplier and exporter from the start.

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