Sabie Chamber of Commerce: Sabie Poles partakes in the Day/Night Golf event to support

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Chamber of commerce golf day

Sabie Chamber of Commerce and Tourism hosted another successful Day and night golf event at Sabie Country Club on, Saturday, 11th June 2022.  Sabie Poles was one of the main corporate sponsors that took part in the event. We participated as a corporate sponsor. This allowed us to enter a 4 ball and advertise our business on the field.

This successful, annual golf event was a momentous break away. It was also a huge distraction from the daily stressful business life and current day to day happenings in Sabie. It was not only fun, but also allowed the Sabie Chamber of commerce and tourism to raise funds. These funds went straight into very valuable community projects.

Sabie poles was represented by four young, hardworking aspiring Sabie businessmen. They were Gustav Cloete, Gerbrand Steenkamp from Mana Marketing, Zane and Thomas Lithgow.

Golf day participants

For the players, there were stalls crewed by local businesses, freebies and prizes valued at over R5000. The night golf got more interesting when players used multi-coloured glow-in-the-dark golf balls and played amongst hundreds of beautifully lit candles. According to Steenkamp the Night golf was the highlight of the golf event.  The evening continued with a DJ and an auction.

It was a perfect opportunity for Sabie Poles to give back to the community. “We are passionate about Sabie and a member of SCCT, we appreciate everything they do for Sabie and will try and support them in any way possible.”

Sabie Poles was proud to walk away with the prize for the best-dressed team.  Their prize included a Glue gun, garden irrigation system and a Shield shopping bag. We definitely will put all that to good use.

Marina Daniel, the owner said: “Lord willing, we definitely want to be part of next year’s SCCT day and night Golf Day”.

Sabie Poles takes the opportunity

We firmly believe that ANY form of marketing can be an asset to our business. Consumer education is an important aspect of our business. We believe that knowledge is power, and we strive to put the power in the consumer’s hands by educating them. By taking part in a local event, we also benefit by having the opportunity to inform the community about our products. It was on offer right on their doorstep.

We could also inform them about the various ways we have our products available. For example, their could buy our products from certain local retail stores or buy it directly from us.

Sabie Poles is committed to the community

Sabie Poles would like to thank SCCT for a lovely event.  As a long-time resident of Sabie and a member of the Sabie Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, we are aware of all the time and effort that volunteers put into planning events such as the Sabie day and night Golf event. Furthermore, this non-profit organization plans events that contribute to making Sabie town a better place.

Sabie Poles have grown so much these past years, and they are well known for their quality products and services.  Therefore, it is also important that the passion they have for the things they do, not only reflect on their business but the community as well.  

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