CCA Treated Timber Decking – 7 reasons why it remains a great choice for any outdoor area

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Timber decking is fast becoming more popular with local homeowners. Why? Well, South Africans love outdoor living. This means that our homes often feature beautiful outdoor patios and decks. While some might choose to use tiles or stone paving, many people believe you cannot beat timber decking. And we could not agree more!

Decking wood is plentiful in South Africa because of our thriving forestry industry. Practically this means that timber decking can often be acquired at a rather reasonable price. Prices become even more reasonable when large quantities are required and when dealing directly with a well-known timber manufacturer like Sabie Poles. This is an obvious choice if you are a wholesale timber supplier looking to secure a large consignment of decking timber.

But now let us examine why timber decking continues to be a solid option for any outdoor area. You do not get much better than timber as long as you ensure that your customers receive only the very best product! We encourage all timber decking suppliers to ensure that they always source the very finest products because that will keep demand within the local market high.

CCA decking is visually appealing

If a person is looking to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space we honestly cannot think of a better option than timber decking! It lends a certain natural beauty to any space. The warm colour of wooden decking is perfectly suited to outside areas. It ties the deck into its natural surroundings, making a person feel more closely connected to the outdoors while they are enjoying some sundowners or having a braai.

A deck can connect the outside with the inside

It really is up to the individual homeowner how they utilise their deck. However, many people choose to add a deck directly to an indoor living space. That way you can easily spill out of your home and create a lovely connection between your indoor and outdoor areas. In South Africa we are lucky to have many beautiful days each year. This is why it makes perfect sense to create an outdoor area that can be used to host events or just to relax with loved ones.

Your deck can express your personal style

There are as many different decks as there are people. It is wonderful to know that there are so many exterior decking options available, and that different types of wood create different looks.  Some might opt for a lighter wood while others love a dark colour.! We often take for granted that every piece of wood is unique thus creating a one-of-a-kind look.which makes timber so beautiful to look at.

When it comes to decorating and furnishing the space, options are also rather extensive. 

Exterior decking creates the perfect party area

Whether a person is looking to have a few friends around for a braai or if they just want to enjoy some outdoor drinks a deck is a perfect spot for that. It suits our lifestyles. Spending time outdoors with friends has always been a favorite South African pastime. At the moment it is also the safest way to entertain. There is so much more space to spread out and room to breathe when hosting an event outside. A deck will experience high foot traffic and external conditions during its lifetime; therefore a CCA pressure-treated deck is probably the most effective and ideal product to use for the South African outdoors, because of its anti-fungal, anti-pest, and anti weathering properties.  

Timber is the most sustainable choice when it comes to deck construction

When it comes to the environment timber is a cut above the other deck building materials. Concrete and tiles are artificial, man-made products, while timber is unique and natural. It is a truly sustainable resource and at Sabie Poles we ensure that we take our responsibility as sustainable farmers very seriously. That is why we plant a tree for each one that we harvest!

A wooden deck provides thermal comfort

It is not only from a sustainability perspective that timber is superior to materials like concrete and tiles. Both of those materials will become extremely hot and uncomfortable when exposed to direct sunlight or cold in the winter months. As a more environmentally friendly and natural material timber will have a more constant and neutral temperature,  Practically this means that your deck will be more comfortable on those scorching summer days or freezing winter nights. For those of you who love going barefoot in and around the house, timber is definitely your best option..

A properly constructed deck adds value to any home 

An attractive deck constructed from high quality decking board will improve a homeowner’s quality of life in leaps in bounds. It will also increase the resale value of that home. Most people enjoy the idea of relaxing and enjoying the garden after a long day at work. There are few better places to do that than your own personal deck! Plus, if it ever becomes time to sell, a gorgeous deck will most definitely make an attractive selling point. This is another reason to choose the finest timber decking when you construct your deck.

Use premium decking wood for maximum value

If a person is looking to add resale value to a home it is very important to note that not just any old timber decking will do the job. Wise homeowners or contractors would opt to buy their wood from only the best wholesale timber suppliers that stock superior CCA pressure treated decking. This is essential in order to keep, and grow, a steady client base. At Sabie Poles we are proud to truly offer the finest CCA pressure treated decking cut from S5 construction timber directly to all timber decking suppliers. 

Wooden decking is long-lasting

When you add a deck to your building you need to know that it will stand the test of time. This is why timber is such an excellent choice as it is durable and can handle the elements well if properly treated and varnished. Wood withstands the onslaught of the wind, rain, and sun every single day after all.  There are quite a few different options available when it comes to choosing the right decking board that would suit a variety of building projects. Popular choices include CCA pressure-treated pine, Massaranduba, and Garapa. While some people may choose to construct their deck by making use of untreated wood we absolutely would not recommend that at Sabie Poles.

Choose CCA treated decking for maximum durability

Why would we not take that route? We just believe in sustainability and that customers should always get the most out of any product they buy from a wholesale timber supplier. That cannot happen if untreated timber is used. The maximum lifespan of an untreated wooden deck is only around 5-10 years. As we mentioned earlier even in its natural state wood does stand up to the elements. However, if a person chooses to use treated exterior decking they will be buying themselves 20-30 years. When using treated wood the deck is protected from things like cracking, insect attacks or wood rot.

Imagine how many memories will be made on a fantastic deck area that will last a lifetime!  That is why the country’s foremost timber decking suppliers choose to partner with us at Sabie Poles when it comes to their wooden decking needs. We are a well-known timber manufacturer. We have more than twenty-five years of industry experience, and we provide top-class decking wood.

Exterior decking can be customized

One of the most exciting aspects of working with decking boards is that customers can tailor-make their decks to suit their needs. Although it is always important to be aware that timber comes in standard sizes, you are able to join the timber decking in such a way that you can create a uniquely sized deck that would be perfect for a particular space or purpose. Remember that wood can also be stained, and even painted, if customers are after a particular shade. This can be handled professionally or it can be a fun DIY project.

All things considered it is completely understandable why sales of decking wood in South Africa keeps growing. A deck is truly the perfect accompaniment to a South African home.

If you are a wholesale timber supplier looking to start a relationship with a well-known timber manufacturer look no further. Please reach out to us so we can discuss your decking board needs. Fill out our contact form or send us an email on ( 

Sabie Poles are also proud timber exporters. We are able to provide CCA-treated decking to suppliers from various SADC countries. So if you are a wholesale timber supplier in search of superior quality timber flooring and you are based in any of the SADC countries please get in touch with us as well. We have a fantastic track record having provided wooden decking to numerous timber decking suppliers based within South Africa and in other countries.

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