Timber Importing: The Delivery Process


There are thousands of things to know when it comes to the importing and delivery process of poles and timber products. However, as a reliable supplier and exporter with years of experience in this field, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our foremost goal is to guarantee that our products are […]

Going the Distance: How Our Timber Delivery Strategy Combines Road and Ocean Transport


To mainly small construction companies delivery of their poles and timber products can become a problem. This is particularly so when it comes to moving timber to the intended destinations. This is because they may not have the necessary resources or means to effectively transport large and heavy materials. The lack of proper transportation options […]

5 Important Tips for Building A Timber Structure

Timber Structure

The construction of a Timber structure is becoming increasingly popular as builders start to turn to more sustainable building methods. It is important to know that, to sustain a large and growing timber frame construction market, Sustainable Forestry Practices are imperative. Thus, buying from a well-trusted, certified supplier ensures that you are buying from a […]

What is timber preservation?

House with untreated wood

Timber preservation is the process where chemicals are added to the timber to protect it against weathering conditions and wood-destroying organisms. It has been implemented for as long as the wood has been used for building purposes. One of the first attempts made to protect timber with timber preservation chemicals was by rubbing or brushing […]

Enhance The Look Of A Room With Quality Pine Flooring

Pine Flooring

Pine Flooring is commonly used in South Africa because of its many benefits. Pine wood is softwood that grows all around the world. Don’t let the word  “softwood” scare you off as Pine in known to have a great deal of stiffness and resistance to shock, which makes it the ideal choice for timber flooring, […]

Should we use CCA treated or Untreated timber for construction?

Treated Timber

In South Africa, treated timber is a requirement when building structures such as timber frames or decks. There are various ways timber can be treated, however, the most effective and preferred method is CCA pressure treatment where the chemicals are deeply penetrated into the wood. This is what we want, we need a permanent solution […]

CCA Treated poles vs Untreated poles

CCa Treated Poles

It is true that untreated poles are cheaper, but surprisingly the price doesn’t really differ that much between CCA treated poles and untreated poles. At the end of the day, it’s more about high-quality-everlasting-product than pricing.  At Sabie Poles we make sure that we provide the best quality poles by having checks and balances in […]

Sowing Accountability: A Leader In Wood Manufacturing And Exporting.

Wood Manufacturing

Over the ages, the Wood Manufacturing industry has come under fire for various reasons. Some include, water consumption, fire hazard, deforestation, exploitation of labor, and more. However, Sabie Poles have geared all their resources and influence in Southern Africa to start the process of sowing accountability within the Wood Manufacturing industry here and internationally. We […]

Gum Pole vs. Pine Pole: A comprehensive comparison

Round Wood Poles

Round wood poles are sourced from a variety of tree species. In South Africa, two commonly utilized types for construction purposes are eucalyptus gum poles (hardwood) and pine poles (softwood). Naturally, these two species possess distinct characteristics owing to their unique wood compositions. However, when determining the optimal choice for your project, it is crucial […]

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