Building Contractors: 4 key factors that will lead your business to greater success


According to current trends, contemporary building design ideas are leaning towards the utilization of hybrid timber construction systems. These systems incorporate natural materials such as timber, which make a striking impression. This often mirrors the external characteristics of modern homes. The concept of fusing modern designs, featuring sleek lines and shapes, with wood, alongside adding […]

Safety is top priority at Sabie Poles


When operating a treatment plant, many complications could occur because of incompetence. Therefore, we work with Hazardous Chemicals and equipment daily. Furthermore, it is so important to take safety measures at all times.   At Sabie Poles, we take the safety of our staff seriously. We do our best to maintain a working environment that […]

What is timber preservation?

House with untreated wood

Timber preservation is the process where chemicals are added to the timber to protect it against weathering conditions and wood-destroying organisms. It has been implemented for as long as the wood has been used for building purposes. One of the first attempts made to protect timber with timber preservation chemicals was by rubbing or brushing […]

Uses of timber in the Agriculture Sector


Agriculture plays an important role in fostering economic growth, reducing poverty, and improving food security in South Africa. More than 70% of the rural population depends on agriculture for their livelihoods. Some of the food we consume is from farms that fall within strategic water source areas. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the soils […]

Enhance The Look Of A Room With Quality Pine Flooring

Pine Flooring

Pine Flooring is commonly used in South Africa because of its many benefits. Pine wood is softwood that grows all around the world. Don’t let the word  “softwood” scare you off as Pine in known to have a great deal of stiffness and resistance to shock, which makes it the ideal choice for timber flooring, […]

Forest Sustainability: Women Who Made History

Forest Sustainability

Forest sustainability is of utmost importance in today’s world. The global forests have long served as a crucial lifeline, offering us pristine air, pure water, and serving as a sanctuary for innumerable species. Yet, as apprehensions surrounding climate change and environmental deterioration intensify, the significance of managing forests sustainably becomes ever more evident. Moreover, from […]

Timber Industry – The Women Who Lead The Way In The South African Forestry Sector

Woman In Timer Industry

For many years the Timber Industry was male-dominated. However, over the last few years more inspired and passionate women started taking center stage across the forestry value chain, from entrepreneurship to management to civil culture. Women have now started to come to the fore in the forestry sector, with roles varying Machine Operators to Chief […]

The CCA pressure treated deck for InniBos Illanga Mall

CCA pressure treated deck

Singing, dancing, acting/ performing and eating on a CCA pressure treated deck is what brings it all together. However, building a deck to perfectly suite all the requirements are important.  Organizing the “InniBos Illanga Mall festival” in Nelspruit posed challenges due to Covid restrictions. However, instead of the usual large gathering, only 200 people could […]

Building with Wood: A Timeless and Sustainable Choice

Building with wood

Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of building with wood. You know, there’s something truly special about the way wood blends artistry with practicality, making it an excellent choice for all kinds of structures, from majestic masterpieces to humble abodes. So, let’s explore the rich history and evolution of building with wood, shall we? […]

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