Importing Timber with Sabie Poles: Step-By-Step-Guide


When you import timber from South Africa it can be a great way of supporting forest sustainability while enjoying all the other many benefits. However, there are many risks too. That’s why it is important to be well-informed before ever considering such an option. Otherwise, you could end up not receiving your product or sit […]

Going the Distance: How Our Timber Delivery Strategy Combines Road and Ocean Transport


To mainly small construction companies delivery of their poles and timber products can become a problem. This is particularly so when it comes to moving timber to the intended destinations. This is because they may not have the necessary resources or means to effectively transport large and heavy materials. The lack of proper transportation options […]

Building Contractors: 4 key factors that will lead your business to greater success


According to current trends, contemporary building design ideas are leaning towards the utilization of hybrid timber construction systems. These systems incorporate natural materials such as timber, which make a striking impression. This often mirrors the external characteristics of modern homes. The concept of fusing modern designs, featuring sleek lines and shapes, with wood, alongside adding […]

Sabie Poles is a trusted timber supplier and exporter


As a company that export timber, we realize the importance thereof for the economy of south Africa. With the South African Forestry sector having an export value of over R38.4 billion, according to Forestry South Africa (FSA), it is a key contributor to South Africa’s economy. There is no doubt that there has been economic […]

Timber Wood -The types of timber wood exported from South Africa

Timber Wood

Forestry in South Africa remains prosperous. In fact, there are many that produce timber wood within the country. It may surprise you to learn that a little over a handful of these timber plantations are actually owned by big companies. This means that only a few privately owned farms are responsible for ensuring that South […]

Timber importing – Your Guide On How To Import Timber From South Africa To Mozambique.

Timber importing

Wood export plays a significant role in the South African economy. So if you ever find yourself wondering “does South Africa export wood” the answer is a definite yes. In fact, wood exporting has become a well-established industry. This is because of the country’s long history of timber manufacturing and exporting. Many South African Development […]

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