Tapered Wooden Poles vs machine turned Wooden Poles: Understanding the Differences

Understanding the differences between tapered wooden poles and cylindrical/machine-turned poles can help you make sustainable choices for future building. Although both types of poles may seem to serve similar purposes, there are quite a lot going on behind the scenes. In our discussion, we will focus on SA Pine Poles and Eucalyptus Grandis Poles, as […]

Breaking Barriers: Empowering women in the Timber Industry

Women in Forestry

In a world where empowering women and promoting gender equality are becoming increasingly important, it is crucial to recognize and commemorate the achievements of women across various sectors. This includes industries that have historically been male-dominated. An exemplary case in point is the timber industry – a sector of immense importance to both the global […]

How to reach almost net zero with sustainable building

Net Zero Building

Constructing a Net Zero building is no easy task. Whoever achieves that, deserves an honour. However, we can start by practicing sustainable building in many other ways. Sustainable building is the construction of buildings using renewable and recyclable building materials. The main objective is that buildings positively impact the health of our environment and humankind. […]

Trees are carbon dioxide store banks


Since the start of the industrial revolution humans have increased atmospheric carbon percentage by 43%. As a result, the atmosphere stared absorbing more moisture than usual. This caused an increase global temperatures. Global warming is accepted as the long-term heating of Earth’s atmosphere due to human activities, primarily fossil fuel burning, which increases heat-trapping greenhouse […]

The Sustainability of Structural Timber: A Building Material for the Future

House with structural timber

Learning about the sustainability of structural timber can help you understand the important role timber plays in the future of construction. In a world grappling with environmental concerns, the construction industry is seeking sustainable alternatives to traditional building materials. One such material that has gained significant attention is structural timber. With its inherent strength, versatility, […]

Forest Sustainability: Women Who Made History

Forest Sustainability

Forest sustainability is of utmost importance in today’s world. The global forests have long served as a crucial lifeline, offering us pristine air, pure water, and serving as a sanctuary for innumerable species. Yet, as apprehensions surrounding climate change and environmental deterioration intensify, the significance of managing forests sustainably becomes ever more evident. Moreover, from […]

Women in forestry – Empowering women and forest sustainability

Women in Forestry

Women in forestry were greatly disadvantaged in the past because of cultural, social, economic, and institutional reasons.  Some women were allowed limited access to forest work. Once gender inequality was recognized and addressed the tables started turning.  Due to the sheer persistence and determination of some women, companies and tertiary institutions started realizing the potential […]

Timber Industry – The Women Who Lead The Way In The South African Forestry Sector

Woman In Timer Industry

For many years the Timber Industry was male-dominated. However, over the last few years more inspired and passionate women started taking center stage across the forestry value chain, from entrepreneurship to management to civil culture. Women have now started to come to the fore in the forestry sector, with roles varying Machine Operators to Chief […]

Building with Wood: A Timeless and Sustainable Choice

Building with wood

Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of building with wood. You know, there’s something truly special about the way wood blends artistry with practicality, making it an excellent choice for all kinds of structures, from majestic masterpieces to humble abodes. So, let’s explore the rich history and evolution of building with wood, shall we? […]

Sowing Accountability: A Leader In Wood Manufacturing And Exporting.

Wood Manufacturing

Over the ages, the Wood Manufacturing industry has come under fire for various reasons. Some include, water consumption, fire hazard, deforestation, exploitation of labor, and more. However, Sabie Poles have geared all their resources and influence in Southern Africa to start the process of sowing accountability within the Wood Manufacturing industry here and internationally. We […]

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