Timber: A Guide to using quality products in the right applications.


Timber is a sustainable and versatile material. You can use it in many different applications. However, in many cases, especially where there is moisture present or the wood is used outside where it will be exposed to natural elements, you should use CCA treated timber. Some may consider to only apply a protective coating on […]

Explore The Differences Between Timber Decking and Timber Flooring

S5 Timber

Choosing the right product for decking and flooring can often be a source of confusion for clients, as they grapple with determining the best fit for specific applications. However, the distinction is rather straightforward: timber decking is specifically designed for outdoor use, while timber flooring is intended for indoor applications. Furthermore, clients often find themselves […]

Timber Moulding Products available at Sabie Poles

Timber Profiles

Timber moulding products are machined timber that changes the application of the timber from normal construction or industrial use to specialised products. However, the characteristics of a timber moulding does not changed as such, hence the method normally applies to kiln-dried timber that is more stable than wet-off saw material. Softwood mouldings can be used […]

Tips To Build A Durable Timber Floor

Timber Floor

Wood Decking and Timber Flooring is a common addition to many people’s homes. Find out why you should never use flooring timber for your deck!

Wood Flooring: How to choose the right flooring for your home

Wooden Flooring

Your guide to Wood Flooring So you’re looking at re-doing the flooring in your house and you got this brilliant idea: Wood Flooring. But now, you’re stuck. You’re not sure where to go from here. All you know is that you want a wood floor. If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place. […]

Log Cabin: Rustic Décor and Home Plans

Log Cabin

Log Cabin. It’s one of the first things you think of when you think rustic décor. This is because they bring a certain rustic, homey feel to the atmosphere. As a result, building log cabins are growing more popular by the year with venues opting for rustic décor and other DIY décors to bring a certain […]

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