Timber: A Guide to using quality products in the right applications.


Timber is a sustainable and versatile material. You can use it in many different applications. However, in many cases, especially where there is moisture present or the wood is used outside where it will be exposed to natural elements, you should use CCA treated timber. Some may consider to only apply a protective coating on […]

Your Wood Deck: Choosing the Right Decking Wood for Your project

Durable Wood Deck

When it comes to creating a durable wood deck that withstands the test of time, choosing the right wood is crucial. The type of wood you select can make a significant difference in terms of durability, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements. At Sabie Poles, we take pride in offering an exceptional selection of high-quality hardwood decking […]

The Importance of CCA-Treated Wood and Handling Guidelines

CCA Treated Wood

The primary purpose of CCA treated wood is to extend the lifespan of wood products, particularly those used in outdoor applications or in contact with the ground. The CCA chemicals that are impregnated into the wood make it highly resistant to decay caused by moisture, insects, and microorganisms. Some people may consider using untreated wood for their […]

The Aging Deck Dilemma: Should You Repair or Replace Your Deck?

Repair Or Replace Your Deck

Whether to repair or replace your deck is fairly important to know. Otherwise, you may end up spending more money and effort than needed. Making an informed decision after properly examining your deck could save you a lot of unnecessary headache. Decks can last a very long time if installed correctly with the correct material […]

Explore The Differences Between Timber Decking and Timber Flooring

S5 Timber

Choosing the right product for decking and flooring can often be a source of confusion for clients, as they grapple with determining the best fit for specific applications. However, the distinction is rather straightforward: timber decking is specifically designed for outdoor use, while timber flooring is intended for indoor applications. Furthermore, clients often find themselves […]

Revamp your yard with these DIY ideas.


If you have a yard that you feel may need a change then these DIY ideas might just work for you. Timber works perfectly well in DIY projects because it is lightweight, easy to handle, cost-effective, and versatile. If it is CCA treated and used for the correct applications, it can be very durable. You […]

Deck Maintenance: Enhancing Your Decks Durability

Deck Maintenance

Deck maintenance is crucial to ensure your deck remains strong, resilient, and visually appealing. In our modern world of home development, the outdoor living area is just as important, if not more, than the indoor living area. Many homeowners are expanding their living spaces by including their outdoor spaces to feature everything from a relaxing, […]

The CCA pressure treated deck for InniBos Illanga Mall

CCA pressure treated deck

Singing, dancing, acting/ performing and eating on a CCA pressure treated deck is what brings it all together. However, building a deck to perfectly suite all the requirements are important. ¬†Organizing the “InniBos Illanga Mall festival” in Nelspruit posed challenges due to Covid restrictions. However, instead of the usual large gathering, only 200 people could […]

Tips To Build A Durable Timber Floor

Timber Floor

Wood Decking and Timber Flooring is a common addition to many people’s homes. Find out why you should never use flooring timber for your deck!

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