A guide to using the correct screws for your timber deck.

Timber Screws

With so many screws out there, each with its own unique features, it can be confusing to know which ones to choose. It is vital to choose the correct screws for the correct applications to ensure your deck remain strong and durable. Screws come in many types with different thread patterns and head shapes, varying […]

Massaranduba Decking: Explore Its Enduring Beauty and Strength

Massaranduba deck with pool.

If you are looking for a deck that combines stunning aesthetics with exceptional durability, you should strongly consider Massaranduba decking. Massaranduba stuns with its warm visual character. Freshly cut, it boasts a rich golden brown with reddish hints, reminiscent of mahogany or walnut. When left untreated, this color matures to a silvery gray patina, a […]

Your Wood Deck: Choosing the Right Decking Wood for Your project

Durable Wood Deck

When it comes to creating a durable wood deck that withstands the test of time, choosing the right wood is crucial. The type of wood you select can make a significant difference in terms of durability, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements. At Sabie Poles, we take pride in offering an exceptional selection of high-quality hardwood decking […]

The Aging Deck Dilemma: Should You Repair or Replace Your Deck?

Repair Or Replace Your Deck

Whether to repair or replace your deck is fairly important to know. Otherwise, you may end up spending more money and effort than needed. Making an informed decision after properly examining your deck could save you a lot of unnecessary headache. Decks can last a very long time if installed correctly with the correct material […]

Explore The Differences Between Timber Decking and Timber Flooring

S5 Timber

Choosing the right product for decking and flooring can often be a source of confusion for clients, as they grapple with determining the best fit for specific applications. However, the distinction is rather straightforward: timber decking is specifically designed for outdoor use, while timber flooring is intended for indoor applications. Furthermore, clients often find themselves […]

Introducing our new hardwood decking range

Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decking refers to a type of outdoor flooring made from durable, dense, and strong wood species that can withstand the elements such as decay, rot, weathering, and regular foot traffic. Hardwood decking can not be CCA treated because it has a tighter and more complex cell structure than softwoods, which makes it difficult for […]

Deck Maintenance: Enhancing Your Decks Durability

Deck Maintenance

Deck maintenance is crucial to ensure your deck remains strong, resilient, and visually appealing. In our modern world of home development, the outdoor living area is just as important, if not more, than the indoor living area. Many homeowners are expanding their living spaces by including their outdoor spaces to feature everything from a relaxing, […]

Log Cabin: Rustic Décor and Home Plans

Log Cabin

Log Cabin. It’s one of the first things you think of when you think rustic décor. This is because they bring a certain rustic, homey feel to the atmosphere. As a result, building log cabins are growing more popular by the year with venues opting for rustic décor and other DIY décors to bring a certain […]

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