5 Reasons Why a Thatched Roof is a great option

Thatched Roof

A thatched roof structure is built with poles and laths and the roof mainly consists of staw/reed and grass. These kinds of roofs are ideal in high-temperature areas with low humidity. Thatched roofs also make a great setting for lapa’s and entertainment areas, cottages, huge hotels, houses, commercial establishments, heritage centers, holiday villages, game lodges […]

Top Uses For Quality Eucalyptus CCA Gum Poles

CCA Poles

Our CCA Gum Poles are made from Eucalyptus Grandis trees. We firmly believe in only selling the best quality poles to our customers. Additionally, we care about our environment. We ensure that we are always working towards a better, greener future by reducing our carbon footprint and making use of the latest research to improve […]

Timber and the CCA pressure treatment process

CCA Treated

CCA-treated timber has emerged as a significant advancement in the Forestry Industry, gaining popularity among construction projects as more individuals opt for timber as their preferred building material. Architects worldwide continue to favor timber due to its numerous benefits. Given the pressing issue of global warming, the utilization of CCA-treated timber can have a profound […]

Using wood in water applications

Wood in Water

Wood is a beautiful and versatile renewable, recyclable natural resource. It is energy-efficient and most importantly, it stores carbon. Wood stores carbon for a longer period of time. This gives wood an important role in reducing carbon emissions. We need to motivate consumers to use wood in their construction projects rather than other kinds of […]

Safety is top priority at Sabie Poles


When operating a treatment plant, many complications could occur because of incompetence. Therefore, we work with Hazardous Chemicals and equipment daily. Furthermore, it is so important to take safety measures at all times.   At Sabie Poles, we take the safety of our staff seriously. We do our best to maintain a working environment that […]

Why a log home is the perfect get away

Log Home

Our daily lives can become so overwhelming at times and certainly, there will come a time when we will start to feel that we need something like a get-away place just to give ourselves a chance to rest and gain the courage to handle the daily challenges that life throws at us. A log home […]

What is timber preservation?

House with untreated wood

Timber preservation is the process where chemicals are added to the timber to protect it against weathering conditions and wood-destroying organisms. It has been implemented for as long as the wood has been used for building purposes. One of the first attempts made to protect timber with timber preservation chemicals was by rubbing or brushing […]

Uses of timber in the Agriculture Sector


Agriculture plays an important role in fostering economic growth, reducing poverty, and improving food security in South Africa. More than 70% of the rural population depends on agriculture for their livelihoods. Some of the food we consume is from farms that fall within strategic water source areas. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the soils […]

Wood Poles: Installation and other uses

Wood Pole that is planted.

The first and most important step is to purchase the right wood poles that are durable enough and can withstand the natural elements that cause timber to deteriorate. At Sabie Poles, our wood poles are CCA-pressure treated which means it has added strength and durability and is protected against natural insect attacks, rot and decay.  […]

Roof Trusses: Why timber is simply the best

Timber Roof Truss

A Roof is one of the most important components in building construction.  It is what keeps us protected against the outside elements. There are different kinds of structures to consider when building a roof but today we will be discussing the use of timber for roof trusses. What is a roof truss A roof truss […]

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