Quality First: Know your Timber

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Quality Wood First

Putting quality first means paying extra attention to detail. As a manufacturer of timber products, we are aware that quality does not start with the cutting of the wood, the treatment of the wood or the delivery of the final product. Quality starts with the seedling.

It starts with choosing/selecting the best seed for the end-purpose. The selected seeds need to be planted by a reputable nursery like Ezigrow.  Therefore, we are ensured that the right plant medium is used at the right temperature, giving us, the farmer a strong, quality plant that in time grows to its full potential. Finally, it is harvested and transformed into a decking plank, a pole or timber mouldings.

At Sabie Poles, we are foresters, manufacturers and retailers/wholesalers, ensuring that our timber adheres to the high standards as provided by SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) and NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Standards).

Quality Timber

We are passionate about trees and their impact on the environment.

We dedicate our time to planting a tree for every treated pole that is sold. Thereby ensuring we do not contribute to the deforestation epidemic that is taking place all over the world right now.  

Quality CCA Treated Timber

The next time you are making a timber purchase, remember: Quality and sustainability are key.

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