Intentional Quality: A business born from a passion for timber

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passion for timber

In an attempt to make South Africa self-sufficient in its timber requirements, the timber industry in South Africa has been steadily growing since the 1930s. Commercial plantations were planted all over the country to produce for our local population as well as neighboring countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and other African countries.

Sabie Poles is one of them and for the past 25 years has gone out of their way to produce the highest quality CCA treated timber.  Unfortunately, every industry has its cowboys and the timber industry is no exception to the rule.  Unscrupulous timber traders make a living by selling and supplying prematurely harvested, burnt, or stolen substandard timber to a seemingly uninformed market. Marina Daniel – the owner of Sabie Poles – became aware of this and decided to make it a life-long quest to educate, train and inspire people to only buy quality timber products in an attempt to eliminate illegal timber practices in South Africa.

Sabie Poles focus on a myriad of factors when it comes to timber production and manufacturing. This includes:

Our love of timber gives us complete control over quality – Farming Eucalyptus

As active and committed role players in the industry, we have a responsibility to uphold a standard of quality.  To achieve this, we take control and go full circle with the timber process from sapling to finished product. We work closely together with Internationally accredited nurseries who select specifically chosen eucalyptus seeds and nurture them from seed to sapling until they are ready to be planted.  We love timber and as the owner of our own timber plantations, we are able to ensure that stringent protocols are followed to result in intentional quality, every time. 

Reliable and consistent accreditation and certification

Sabie Poles have been trading since 1995. During the last 25 years, we have been awarded various certificates and accomplishments from various corporate and managing bodies within the industry. As a result, we have become known as one of the market leaders in the CCA Treatment process.  We offer onsite training and internships to forestry and timber students from numerous timber accredited institutions.

Timber Quality

We have a wide range of CCA PRESSURE TREATED timber available for purchase locally and for exporting to other countries. Our product range include:

  • Structural Timber (S5)
  • Decking
  • Flooring
  • Gum Poles, laths, droppers
  • Square cut poles and bearers
  • Cladding
  • Plywood

All our products are SABS approved.

Our current SABS Certifications include:

Additional certification that we have received include:

  • NRCS – approval as reputable treated pole manufacturer
  • SAWPA – environmental competence certificate
passion for timber
Grading process for our Intentional Quality

Exporting certification

As timber manufacturers and wholesalers, it is important for us to have all the correct certifications in order to meet the national and international needs for high-quality CCA Treated Timber. All our timber products management systems meet the international ISO 9002 standards.

We have all the necessary documentation to export our CCA Treated Timber anywhere in the world effortlessly. We currently export to neighboring countries and other SADC (South African Development Community) countries such as Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia; as well as countries such as Dubai and Seychelles.

The majority of these countries need high-quality CCA Timber manufacturers that have the capacity to deliver in bulk on a consistent basis for construction purposes. That is why so many contractors choose to work hand in hand with Sabie Poles for CCA Treated Timber. The majority of our exports go into building lodges and vacation homes in areas like Mozambique. We are dedicated to always providing accurate delivery times for our high-quality CCA Treated Timber products.

Yes, We Export Timber To: Europe, Middle East and all the SADC countries

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Ongoing education and implementation of farming & manufacturing policies

Sabie Poles is dedicated to staying up to date with the latest innovations in the Timber Treatment and manufacturing process. Therefore, we are constantly updating our knowledge by relying on some of the country’s leading experts in the field.

These experts include, but are not limited to:

  • Lonza (Leaders in Wood Preservatives)

We continuously keep an eye on the latest products and best practices in the industry for optimal results. We work closely with Lonza and their Tanalith Treatment Chemicals to ensure the longevity of the end products.

  • SABS and NRCS (South African Bureau of Standards and National Regulator of Compulsory Standards)

Our Treated Timber products are certified by both bodies. Therefore, we always adhere to and exceed the national standards given by these South African bodies.

  • SAWPA (South African Wood Preservatives Association)

In addition to relying on expert advice from Lonza, we also rely on information and the latest research studies done by SAWPA.  We are passionate about wood and timber preservatives. These regulating bodies help us to stay up to date and at the forefront of innovation time and time again.

Community Awareness

At Sabie Poles, we are passionate about good quality timber products and work closely on educating and creating awareness amongst our community members on the right types of timber to use for specific projects.  We also create awareness amongst community members on the importance and entrepreneurial opportunities that lie within this industry.

We actively use our social media platforms that have an extensive reach, to help educate and inform people about important issues that include:

  • Conservation efforts and Environmental Issues

We strive to inform our readers about different issues arising in the industry regarding deforestation, water consumption, lower carbon footprint, and how we are implementing new strategies to combat our effect on the greater environment to protect our indigenous plants and animals.

  • Quality assurances and checks

We strive to arm our customers with all the appropriate knowledge on how to check that the products they are busying are of high quality and educate them on which questions to ask in order to establish trust in their manufacturer/supplier. Knowledge is power; therefore, we believe that everyone should know what to look out for in terms of quality when it comes to CCA Treated Timber.

  • Crime and Fraud in the industry

Additionally, we are aware of various gangs and crime groups operating in different areas of the country that steal timber and sell unlicensed, uncertified “treated” timber. Therefore, we make it our priority to warn customers of the dangers of these crimes and how these treated timber products can be harmful to them and the environment due to no regulations and restrictions being present for their “treatment process”.

As a company that has set the standard for CCA Treatment in South Africa, we feel it is our duty to always adhere to our standards and encourage customers to do proper research and insist on buying from a reputable timber supplier.

We always produce intentional quality. No compromise.

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