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If you are looking to import a large consignment of construction timber to an SADC country, you will need to work with a trusted supplier. Respectable timber suppliers cannot afford to disappoint their customers. Delays in timber delivery impact all agricultural, building and construction projects negatively. We understand that customers cannot afford to have their construction projects held up because of an unreliable supply from timber importers.

That’s why at Sabie Poles we’ve taken certain steps to make life easier for the various timber importers that we work with. We know that customers are looking for quality and reliability when it comes to their import timber needs. You’ll be in good hands if you choose to import timber to any SADC country from Sabie Poles in South Africa. Why? Because we’re a big business, but we’ve held on to our small business values.

Benefits of using Sabie Poles for all your import timber needs

We’ve been in the timber manufacturing business for over 26 years. That means that we’ve learnt so much about our customers and their needs. We know what we’re doing. There’s no way we would have grown so much over all the years if we didn’t consistently satisfy our customers by providing a fantastic product.

Timber importers choose Sabie Poles because:

If you are a timber importer looking to procure large volumes of construction timber, and you are based in Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Namibia, or any of the other SADC countries, please get in touch with us for a quote. We would be thrilled to become your preferred timber supplier. Please know that to us you will never be just another number. Once you become a Sabie Poles customer we take great pleasure in getting to know you as well as your business needs. If we can make your life easier in any way, we do that! The types of timber wood we export

Looking for the cheapest wood to build with?

When it comes to construction timber there are various options to choose from. However, if you are looking for the most cost-effective timber product to use for building purposes, we would like to recommend our S5 construction-grade timber. It is ideal for construction projects and this product is mainly used for the frameworks of buildings and support beams as well as roof trusses.

What is S5 construction timber?

This pine product has been H2 treated to last and agrees with SANS-1783:2013 specifications. S5 construction timber is treated with chemicals that are mainly waterborne. Boron, LOSP preservatives, and CCA pressure treatment are commonly used in the treatment process. This type of timber works very well for interior, above ground use and is ideal for roof trusses and timber frames for log homes. It is safe to use and will protect your building project against decay and insect attacks.

Importing indoor wood or outdoor wood

It goes without saying that your import timber needs will largely depend on your customers’ needs. When it comes to indoor wood (sometimes also referred to as appearance grade lumber) the way the wood looks are incredibly important. After all, it is perfectly understandable that people want to show off their beautiful wooden floors or ceiling beams. H2 CCA pressure-treated timber is ideal for these purposes.
On the other hand, though, outdoor wood has to be much tougher.

Here there is less emphasis on appearance and more emphasis on durability. Although you might still want to choose beautiful timber products for your outdoor decks, laminated beams, staircases, and even your garden furniture, the most important thing is that it can stand up to the elements. For these types of applications, we would recommend using H3 CCA treated timber.

Get indoor wood and outdoor wood from us at Sabie Poles

Of course, you might need both indoor and outdoor wood for certain large building projects. Often, we find that customers require timber for various elements related to a single construction project. There is no need to look any further though. Sabie poles can provide you with various timber import options for all your construction needs.

Do you get wood cheaper at a lumber yard?

There are various benefits that go along with coming directly to a manufacturer. One of them is price, so why not work directly with a top South African timber manufacturer. No order is too big or too small for us, but since cross border transport cost on small loads is expensive, we would like to recommend you order loads from 20tons and bigger.

CCA Poles

Timber importers control your own orders

If you deal directly with us, you will have complete control of your order. We can work closely with you to put together a unique order that is exactly what you need for your specific target market. We will be able to guide you throughout the process no matter what your timber importing needs are. Feel free to come to us whether you need indoor wood or outdoor wood, hardwood or softwood, appearance grade lumber or structural grade lumber. We stock it all!

Not only will you get your wood cheaper from a lumber yard, but it will be to your specifications too! At Sabie Poles we partner with many different timber importers from various SADC countries, so we’re confident that we’d be able to satisfy your particular needs. 

Timber Prices and Sizes

We have a wide range of different products that are available in many varying sizes. You don’t have to stick to only one type of timber. We welcome timber importers with extensive “shopping lists”. You are most welcome to order a variety of products (types of wood) in different sizes suitable to your particular needs, all in one go. After all, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the fact that you’re getting your wood cheaper at a lumber yard?

We encourage you to browse our timber products because we’re certain you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you’re after pine and CCA treated flooring and decking we stock that. Need some poles for building or fencing? We can help.

Below we’ve outlined the different options that we offer in our various product ranges.

Untreated structural timber (S5)

S5 Construction Timber

CCA Treated Timber (S5, H3)

S5 CCA Construction timber

H2 to H6 CCA Treated Poles

50/74mm diameter in lengths 1.2m to 8.4m

  • 75/99mm diameter in lengths 1.2m to 10m
  • 100/124mm diameter in lengths 1.2m to 15m
  • 125/149mm diameter in lengths 1.2m to 15m
  • 150/174mm diameter in length 1.2m to 15m
  • 175/199mm diameter in length 1.2m to 15m
  • 200/224mm diameter in length 1.2m to 15m

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As a well-known South African timber manufacturer, we at Sabie Poles understand our customers’ needs. We know that there’s nothing worse than placing an order and not being sure if everything will arrive on time and intact. With over twenty-six years in the business, we’ve built up the expertise as well as the stock to satisfy all your timber import needs.

We can truly provide for all your timber importing needs. You’ll find everything from the cheapest wood to build with, to the most beautiful timber for those eye-catching construction elements. Because we’re based in Mpumalanga, South Africa we do business with plenty of timber importers from SADC countries. If you’d like to discuss our timber prices and sizes directly please get in touch via email or fill out our online contact form.

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