Our Pole Yard : CCA Treated Gum Poles Prices and Sizes

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Gum Poles are some of the most widely used CCA Treated Products for a good reason. In this post, we will explore the different prices and sizes in our pole yard. Additionally, we will also be dipping into a few functions for Gum Poles.

Gum Poles Prices and Sizes:

  • 50/74mm diameter in lengths 1.2m to 8.4m
  • 75/99mm diameter in lengths 1.2m to 10m
  • 100/124mm diameter in lengths 1.2m to 15m
  • 125/149mm diameter in lengths 1.2m to 15m
  • 150/174mm diameter in length 1.2m to 15m
  • 175/199mm diameter in length 1.2m to 15m
  • 200/224mm diameter in length 1.2m to 15m

Gum Poles

The prices of gum poles vary according to their length and size. You can download our full price list by clicking here. 

Sabie Poles’ standards on CCA Treatment

The principle of honesty, excellent customer service and the best quality at a fair price has always been our basis of doing business over the past 2 decades.

Therefore, at Sabie Poles, we strive to always bring you the highest quality timber. How do we do this? It’s simple. We follow all the national standards and laws regarding the harvesting, CCA Treatment Process, and storage of our timber products. This means that our CCA Treated Gum Poles are:

Furthermore, we are proud members of SAWPA (South African Wood Preservative Association) 

We are dedicated to upholding all standards in the CCA Treatment process which is why we are the market leader in Southern Africa for Treated Poles.

What can our CCA Treated Gum Poles be used for?

We previously did a post on 8 ways to use our Treated Poles.

  1. Fencing
  2. Decking Support Beams
  3. Log Homes
  4. Jungle Gyms
  5. Gardening
  6. Construction
  7. Agricultural Uses

CCA Poles

In reality, there are so many more ways in which you can utilize this product!  We’ve done so many posts with DIY, tips, and tricks on using our products to get the most out of your purchase. We highly recommend you browse through our blog section on our website to receive more tips and tricks on how to use our Gum Poles.

Why use CCA Treated Poles compared to Raw Timber Poles?

We all know that raw timber is compromised when it is exposed to harsh weather conditions and various insects. in fact, we did a whole post on all the various dangers different conditions and insects can pose to wood that has not been treated. A few of these dangers include:

  • Fungin Decay
  • Wood Borers
  • Rot
  • Weathering (Harsh sun and moisture content)
  • Termites

These are only a few of the insects that can hard raw wood. Want to know more? Head on over to our previous post: “14 Factors of deterioration affecting wood and how to prevent it.” 

On the other hand, CCA Treated Gum Poles are not vulnerable to attacks from insects or other weather conditions. This is due to the intensive CCA Treatment Process. As a result of this, CCA will last at least 15 years (provided that you use the correct Treatment class for your application).

The CCA Treatment Process for Gum Poles

CCA is an industrial wood preservative, developed in 1933, it is widely used in South Africa since the 70’s. Applying the CCA treatment to timber enhances the durability by preserving it against biological deterioration such as insect attacks and fungal decay. CCA may only be applied by an industrial high-pressure process. Thus the familiar term “pressure treated wood”.

Watch full explanatory video on CCA Treatment Process.

At Sabie Poles, we can treat poles to any CCA Treatment Class that you require.

Our Gum Poles are treated to H3, H4, and H5:

  • Our H3 CCA treated poles are treated to be protected against insects, termites, and decay. Therefore poles are mainly used outside, above ground. They are subject to periodic wetting and leaching (ex. Cladding, decking, stairs, balustrades, log homes etc.)
  • Our H4 CCA treated poles are treated to be protected against insects, termites and severe decay. Therefore poles are mainly used in or on the ground. They are also subject to severe wetting and leaching. (ex. Fencing and structural posts, landscaping, stakes, pergolas etc.)
  • Our H5 CCA treated poles are treated to be protected against heavy wet soil or fresh water. (ex. Piling, substructure for walkways & jetties etc.)

Buying CCA Treated Timber from Sabie Poles:

We sell our Gum Poles individually and at wholesale. Therefore, we serve all the sectors. To inquire about our pricing and how to order, please contact us.

You can also head on over to our Facebook Page and send us a message.. One of our sales consultants will get back to you a.s.a.p.




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