From a single timber plank to a beautiful deck

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Sabie, Mpumalanga, 01 October 2019 – Decks are one of the most popular trends happening in our building plans lately.  Everybody either has one or wants one! But there is one problem holding you back… How to build it and where to source the material from?

Here at Sabie Poles, we offer our clients the ease of mind, knowing that they will get all they need just in one place. We offer our clients advice and guidance in choosing the perfect deck materials, the perfect deck size and deck design.

The beauty about deck sizes is that they can be customized, so there are no specific standard sizes for your deck. The timber you purchase at your local timber supplier is however cut to a standard size. When building your deck, please check with your area building codes and regulations to make sure that you do not break any structural or building restrictions.

If you want to consider the D.I.Y option, you can build a deck with an average size of 30mx40m over the time frame of two to three weekends. If you have all the necessary tools, equipment and materials, building your deck will actually be quite easy. There will be no waiting period of almost three months before the project is done.

The timber you purchase for your decking should always be treated, starting with the decking posts and ending with your floors. The reason treatment is so important in timber, is to avoid the risks of decay, fungal and insect attack. We recommend treated pine as the best type of wood material for decking, for it is cooler than any other decking material and is easy to handle, environmentally friendly and has a virtually no carbon footprint.

Sabie Poles are one of the most trustworthy timber suppliers in Africa with over more than 25 years of professional services, and most importantly, a long list of satisfied customers. Sabie Poles specialize in supplying SABS approved timber, ranging from CCA treated poles to Pine decking materials.

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