Here’s How Sabie Poles Can Help Make Your Dream Timber House a Reality.

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Timber House

If you’re embarking on the exciting journey of building your dream timber house, you’re in for a unique and charming living experience. Timber houses exude warmth and character, but the process can be intricate. From selecting the right timber to handling plumbing and electricals, there’s much to consider. That’s where Sabie Poles comes into play. We are your one-stop solution for most things timber-related and more.

In this article, we’ll explore the myriad ways Sabie Poles can transform your dream timber house into a stunning reality.

Our Primary Products to build your dream timber house

At Sabie Poles, our core offering revolves around supplying and exporting top-quality wood. Furthermore, what sets us apart is our ability to provide a diverse range of wood products, all conveniently available under one roof. Here’s a comprehensive list of the wood products we offer:

  • CCA-treated Building and Fencing Poles – Our CCA-treated poles are the foundation of sturdy timber structures. They are not only durable but also environmentally friendly, ensuring your timber house stands the test of time.
  • Laths and Droppers – Laths and droppers are essential for various construction purposes. Ours are of exceptional quality, guaranteeing the structural integrity of your timber house.
  • Structural Timber – Crafting the framework of your timber house requires precise structural timber. We supply timber that meets the highest standards for stability and strength.
  • Square-cut Poles – For a polished and uniform look, square-cut poles are an excellent choice. They lend a clean finish to your timber house’s design.
  • Timber Mouldings – Timber mouldings are the finishing touch that adds elegance to your timber house. We offer a wide range of mouldings, including decking, cladding, ceiling, flooring, architrave, and quarter-rounds.

Coatings for Wood Products

Enhance the beauty and longevity of your timber with our selection of Timberlife sealants and tints. These products are specially designed to complement our CCA-treated wood, providing both aesthetics and protection.

Timberlife Ultradeck for timber deck

Additional Products and Services to build your dream timber house

Building a dream timber house involves more than just sourcing quality wood. It also requires various other components to make it functional and comfortable. At Sabie Poles, we understand these challenges and offer a range of additional hardware products that you may require. Here are some examples:

  • Electrical Wiring: Ensure your timber house is well-connected with our top-notch electrical wiring solutions.
  • DB’s and Switches: We provide electrical distribution boards and switches to meet your electrical needs.
  • Plumbing Products: From geysers to bathroom ware, we’ve got your plumbing needs covered.
  • Sliding Doors and Windows: Enhance your timber house’s aesthetics and functionality with our quality doors and windows.
  • PVC Pipes and Fittings: We offer a comprehensive range of PVC pipes and fittings for plumbing and more.
  • Pool Accessories: Make your timber house even more enjoyable with our pool accessories.
  • Threaded Rods and Nuts: These small but essential items are often hard to find, but not at Sabie Poles.
  • Galvanised Nails and Stainless Steel Screws: We provide durable fastening solutions for your timber construction.

Our commitment is to simplify the process of building your timber house by offering not only the best wood products but also the essential components needed to make it a comfortable home.

Our exporting services.

We go beyond simply supplying top-quality wood products and essential hardware for timber house projects. We recognize that the success of your project hinges not just on the materials’ quality, but also on the efficiency of the export process, no matter where you’re located worldwide.

Exporting construction materials, especially internationally, can be a complex endeavor filled with various challenges. However, with our experienced team of export specialists, well-versed in the intricacies of international trade, you can trust that your export journey will be seamless.

Furthermore, our experts handle everything from navigating legal requirements and logistics to ensuring top-notch quality control. We offer our exporting services to both SADC countries and destinations across the globe, making your construction project a success with peace of mind.

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