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Certified timber ( Treated or un treated H2 -H6 treated )

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Custom Lenghts S5 & UTP available

Affordable Quality

Exceptional qualiity at affordable prices

Are you frustrated with not expensive low quality planks?

Won't it be nice to find a reliable Construction Timber supplier?

The most frustrating thing that can happen when looking for construction timber is getting the wrong sizes and quality for your project. Not only is construction timber expensive but you usually have to wait weeks for your load to be ready.

There is a better way, with Sabie Poles you can rest assured that the expert advice, exceptional quality and friendly service will help you find the perfect construction timber for your projects.

As a result of our expert advice you’ll pay less and only buy exactly what you need for your project, making the whole process a lot faster. No more waiting weeks for your timber, we deliver fast.

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What Makes Us Different?

Finding the perfect Construction timber for the job can be difficult. We know how hard it is when you need expert advice and affordable construction timber, but can’t find it. We know that looking for bigger whole sale loads and prices can be a head ache. Multiple suppliers for different construction sizes and classes creates confusion and unnecessary delivery costs.

Your procurement is supposed to be easy. You are supposed to get all the expert help and quality timber from one source eliminating expensive delivery costs. In fact, you need the supplier to be able to help you with the best possible timber and deliver it to your address. That is exactly what Sabie Poles have been doing for well over 25 years. We deliver only the best quality timber that is right for your project, whether you need smaller loads or are in need of larger whole sale loads our experts help you save money and get the construction timber fast.

Get Quality Timber & Great Prices From A Reliable Experienced Timber supplier

You deserve expert advice, reliable supply & exceptional quality timber

A Consistant Supply of Quality Certified Timber Is Just A Click Away

Where can we send your quote to?

A Consistant Supply of Quality Certified Timber Is Just A Click Away

Where can we send your quote to?