CCA Treated Cladding at Sabie Poles

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CCA Treated Cladding for sale

In Bulk or to the Public (Individual Sales)

At Sabie Poles, we always strive to give the exact same customer service whether you are buying in bulk for a hardware store, or buying a few items for a DIY project. We are here to serve the public and hardware sectors.

Therefore, we want to provide you with all the details you will need regarding our CCA Treated Cladding.

Contact us to request our bulk pricing, otherwise, you can head over here to download our price list. 

Sizes of CCA Treated Cladding

  • 22mmx102mm
  • 32mmx102mm

Cladding is treated according to H3 treatment class.
All treated our timber adhere to SABS rules and regulations of SABS 457-2, SABS 457-3SABS 673.

Additionally, our CCA Treated Timber Cladding adhere to the NRCS rules, regulations and guidelines for treatment.

This means that they are suitable for External use, above ground. Perfect for creating a unique and personal touch to any exterior wall.

Is CCA Treated timber safe and still sold?

Cladding can be ordered Treated or Untreated

Therefore, our cladding can be used for interior usage or exterior usage.

Interior Cladding

Cladding can be used for specific interior finishing. Perhaps to create an accent wall, or to finish off a stylish room. Cladding that is used in the interior of your home can be untreated because they are not vulnerable to weathering.

Additionally, the untreated cladding can be stained and painted to your preferred color to match your interior.

Exterior Cladding 

Exterior cladding can be used to add a finishing touch to your home. Because the cladding is treated according to the  H3 CCA Treatment Class, this can be used in various places around the house to create a sophisticated finish.

Additionally, it can also be used in the garden on structures like Wendy Houses etc. to make them look more presentable.

Using CCA Treated Cladding for your exterior walls have many benefits. If we had to list them all, we would never have an end to the ost. But we will list a few of the most important ones:

Exterior Cladding

Exterior CCA Treated Cladding benefits:

  • Timber is a warm, natural material that can be easily rejuvenated or decorated as time goes on. This is a massive advantage as the material does not limit you in color and finish.
  • Timber is a renewable source. Additionally, it can also be recycled after using it for your exterior cladding.
  • Timber Cladding is strong yet lightweight. This has some major advantages for construction purposes.
  • CCA Treated Cladding is not only a decorative element but also offers a protective barrier around the support structures of your home/building.
  • Wide choice of finishes is available due to the wide variety of woods that can be used to create cladding. This includes hardwoods and softwoods. All have different densities, grains, and weights.
  • Easy to repair

With all these benefits it is difficult to find reasons not to use CCA Treated Cladding for your home.

CCA Cladding
Using cladding on the exterior of your building provides an aesthetically pleasing finish to any building. This particular building used CCA Treated Timber, which creates a beautiful pattern on the building’s edge.


We sell to the public and have special pricing for bulk/wholesale buyers. Whether your project is just to give an elegant finish to one wall or to stock our treated and untreated cladding in your hardware store. We will be able to assist you!

Buying Bulk/Wholesale Cladding

Interested in selling our products in your hardware store?  Sabie Poles have timber merchants all over Southern Africa that sell our products. We are always looking for hardware stores to stock our products.

Currently, we are on the lookout for Timber Merchants in the following areas:

  • Pretoria, Gauteng
  • Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • Nylstroom / Modimole, Limpopo
  • Ellisras / Lephalele, Limpopo
  • Vrystaat / Freestate
  • Warmbad
  • Pietersburg

You can download our price list, or contact us to find out about our products, transport etc.



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