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CCA Treated Timber Supplies

Looking for a Timber Merchant in your area? We got you! Sabie Poels is a wholesale supplier to over a hundred timber merchants in Southern Africa. We pride ourselves in getting the right wood, at the right price, to the right place. Don’t have a CCA Treated Timber supplier in your area and you want to become one? Even better! Let us help you become the market leader in your area for Treated Timber products!

If you are looking for bulk timber supplies you’ve come to the right place. We have everything your timber-loving heart desires. Let’s break down our treated timber product list:

Sabie Poles: Supplying Treated Timber Merchants for over 23 years!



  • CCA Treated Poles

You guessed it. At Sabie Poles, our specialty started and will always stick to Treated Timber Poles. We offer them in a wide variety of sizes and lengths to suit every timber merchant and customer’s needs.

Want to do a quick check to see if we supply the sizes you need?

Check out the sizes and prices on these Treated Poles:

50mm/74mm, the maximum length of 6.0m

75mm/99mm, the maximum length of 9m

100mm/124mm, the maximum length of 15m

125mm/149mm, the maximum length of 15m

150mm/174mm, the maximum length of 15m

175mm/199mm, the maximum length of 15m

200mm/224mm, the maximum length of 15m

We can help you with large quantities.
  • Decking Timber / Timber Flooring

Because we like to go above and beyond for our merchants and clients, we stock a wide variety of Treated Timber Products. Decking/Flooring timber is just

one of those! Looking to stock this in your shop? Here are some of the sizes and prices of treated timber:

A wide range of sizes is available.

32mm x 102 mm (3.6m and 6.6m)

Additionally, we also stock other treated timber products, and we’re able to supply timber merchants with all of the products below:

60mm x 60mm, (1.2m-5.4m)

80mm x 80mm, (1.2m-5.4m)

100mm x 100mm, (1.2m-5.4m)

120mm x 120mm, (1.2m-5.4m)

140mm x 140mm, (1.2m-5.4m)

160mm x 160mm, (1.2m-5.4m)

180mm x 180mm, (1.2m-5.4m)

Retail and bulk CCA treated timber supply.

I’m a Hardware Store Owner, why should I become a treated timber merchant?

Every Hardware Store owner knows that people like a one-stop shop where they can get everything they need. Becoming a Treated Timber Merchant means you can not only attract individual clients but big construction companies too.

Because Sabie Pole’s Treated Timber is SABS  Approved (SANS 457/1288)  and is treated according to NRCS guidelines and regulations, constructions companies are assured that the products they’re buying are the finest quality.

Additionally, we are also proud members of SAWPA.

Furthermore, if you are in smaller towns where construction might not play a vital role in the town’s economy, you can reach out to the agricultural sector.

a Timber merchant can use treated timber for the following:

Treated Timber Merchant

CCA Treated Timber is treated in various classes. Each class’ treatment is determined by the application of the wood.

For example, Treated Timber used for the interior will have a different treatment than wood that will have exterior uses. For each class, you have certain applications. If you are looking to find out more regarding the different classes, you can head over to this blog post to get more information.

If you go check out our blog, you will see that we’ve done quite a few posts regarding the uses and safety of Treated Timber.

But here are some of the main things Treated Timber can be used for:

What does this mean to you, from a Timber Merchant perspective?

This means that you as a hardware store can expand your customer base to various sectors and attract bigger companies, orders, and opportunities.

Reach new customer markets

Basic Sectors that you can target is:

  • Construction Sector
  • Agricultural Sector
  • Gardening / Domestic Sector
  • Do-It-Yoursef (DIY) Sector

All of these sectors can make use of Treated Timber in various ways. The main thing to remember is that you need to know your products, and where/when to use them. Which leads us to our next point:

As a timber merchant at Sabie Poles, you get access to a company with over 25 years of experience!

Sabie Poles might be situated in the small town of Sabie, but we are the market leaders in Southern Africa for CCA Treated Timber. We have perfected the treatment process. Therefore, we are able to give expert advice regarding the process, safety and application of CCA Treated Timber.

As a wholesale supplier, we can provide vital information to our timber merchants across Southern Africa. This means that you will always have an expert at your fingertips for any questions you or your customers may have.

Minimum Order Quantity and Turnaround times for a Timber Merchant

If you are looking at becoming a timber merchant, you’ve come to the right place. A brief summary of questions that you might be wondering about:

Minimum Order Quantity to qualify for the Wholesale/ Bulk price: 

  • 20 Tons

Turnaround time from payment to delivery:

  • Our average turnaround time from payment is a maximum of 14 days! This means when you order and make your payment, you will have your wholesale timber in your shop within a fortnight!
Sabie Poles wholesaler information hub.

Timber Transport: 

  • We organize the transport, so you don’t have to worry about it!

Accreditation and reliability: 

  • All Treated Timber product are SABS Approved
  • Treatment adheres to NRCS rules and regulations
  • Proud members of SAWPA

You can contact us for a quotation today! 

We are looking for a timber merchant in the following areas:

  • Pretoria, Gauteng
  • Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • Nylstroom / Modimole, Limpopo
  • Ellisras / Lephalele, Limpopo
  • Vrystaat / Freestate
  • Warmbad
  • Pietersburg

Get in contact if you are looking at stocking CCA Treated Timber in your store!

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