The Value of a Well-Constructed Timber Fence in Your Garden

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Timber Fence

A well-constructed timber fence serves as more than just a boundary marker; it adds character, privacy, and a touch of natural beauty to your outdoor sanctuary. Whether you have a sprawling garden or a cozy courtyard, the careful selection and installation of a timber fence can significantly elevate the overall aesthetic and functionality of your space.

Just like any other project, there are some obstacles that can become an irritation when it comes to gardens such as people and pets walking over your garden or strong winds damaging your plants. By building a timber fence, you can eliminate some of these irritations. You can also use timber a décor in your garden.

White timber fence for a garden.
(Image credit: J Montgomery Designs)

Choosing CCA treated pine for your fence

Pine is one of the most popular choices in residential outdoor structures, in this case, fences. It is common because of its relatively inexpensive cost and longevity. It’s also soft and therefore easy to work with.

Untreated pine is prone to shrinking, warping, and cracking, which is made worse by the sun. This why we suggest using CCA treated pine timber.

We do not build fences at Sabie Poles, but we do provide the much-needed quality CCA-treated timber that you would need to build a fence for your stunning garden that would last you forever. The price difference between CCA treated pine and untreated pine is not that big at all. At Sabie Timber, we have 2.4m x 19mm x 90mm rough sawn pine timber, which is generally used for projects such as garden fencing, treated it’s only R23.00 and untreated its only R20.00. (Prices as on 28 March 2022)

You can be rest assured that we provide the best quality timber possible.

5 Main benefits of a timber fence in your garden

Timber, generally, is available in abundance and there is no struggle when it comes to looking for the correct size & height. You can even paint your CCA treated fence to your desired colour and it’s easy to maintain. We recommend our Khuni Sealer to maintain and paint your fence.

Here are some benefits of having a timber fence in your garden:

Affordable & Durable

Because wood is natural and abundant, the price of wood fencing stays reasonably low. Timber fencing that has been CCA-pressure treated can last for years and it isn’t heavy on the pocket. Fencing such as chain-link or barbed wire are cost effective but they are susceptible to rust and can be dangerous, especially for pets and children.

Installation is easy

Building and installing a wood fence is an ideal DIY project. Not many hands are needed to do this installation, its quick and easy. Although, if you do hire a professional, the job can be done even quicker.

In the case of making a mistake while installing a wood fence, correcting the mistake is fairly easy. Generally this is not the case when it comes to the installation of other types of fencing.

Easy to maintain

You can keep your fence clean with simple soap and water. Our CCA-treated fences are already protected from natural elements, but by painting and staining your timber fence with our Khuni sealer, you can protect it even further from weather damage.

Environmentally friendly

Wood is a renewable resource; therefore, wood is a good option for those who are eco-conscious. CCA treated timber has a long-life span so you are not only benefiting from a long-lasting product, but you are also actively playing a role in the conservation of forest recourses. CCA treated wood lasts longer than a new tree takes to grow.  Go green by using a natural resource such as wood in your garden.


Wooden fences can be used to divide bigger lawns and create walkways or mark boundaries. They’re also a great way to complement flowerbeds thanks to their natural, earthy tone. Fencing panels can protect your cherished fruits and vegetables from foot traffic, pesky birds and other pets. Another way a wooden fence can protect your garden is it can provide a barrier between the wind and your plants. It can also help with limiting the amount of sunlight.

A timber fence can be used for décor in your garden

This also falls under the benefits of having a wooden fence in your garden but, because of its versatility we can discuss it in a bit more detail. Here are some ways you can get creative:

Painted backyard fence.
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Paint your timber fence

Wood is already a beauty in its natural state, so you don’t necessarily need to paint it. If you do, you can go wild and paint it however you want with any colour you want. Black fencing has become popular in recent years, but you could also paint your fence red, blue, white, turquoise, or any other color. You can even go for matte finishes instead of a more traditional glossy look. Keep in mind that CCA treated timber is paintable with water or oil based paint.

Stained Timber Fence
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Stain your timber fence

As mentioned above, CCA-pressure treated timber is already protected against insects, rot and decay. Staining wood can provide even more protection and also help enhance its natural beauty in a darker or lighter form. We recommend using Timberlife Khuni sealer plus any colour stain of your choice.

We have the following Timberlife Stain products available in eight shades of brown, namely:

  • Mahogany
  • Walnut
  • Oregon
  • Teak
  • Dark Oak
  • Imbuia
  • Kiaat
  • Golden Brown
Fence used for decoration.
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Use your timber fence for decor

When working with wood, you can test the boundaries of your creativity. Garden fences are also the perfect platform to hang things from and turn your ordinary garden into a magical one. Fairy lights and lanterns can hang from the fence and create a cosy and intimate atmosphere after dark. You can also add shelves to your fences and use it to store your garden tools. At least this way they will be easily accessible and organised.

Growing plants

Grow plants on your timber fence

You can also grow plants on your fence by integrating unique boxes that can be hung on it. Your children’s old gumboots, for example, will make an adorable planter for flowers and will effortlessly bring colour and character to your garden.


If pine timber is not fit for your design style, you can use laths instead. Laths and Droppers are ideal for using in the garden. They are also treated to endure the rain, sun and other outdoor pests that usually ruin your wood structures. 

Therefore, Laths and droppers are perfect to use as support structures in the garden. If you have a rose bush that needs some guidance a lath might just be the perfect fit. Need something stronger to keep up an olive tree or lemon tree, perhaps a dropper would be more suitable. They are lightweight, so you don’t need an absurd amount of strength to carry them around and plant them wherever you need them! 

Laths and droppers are very useful, but sometimes you just need things to look pretty. Laths can offer a simple and natural solution to add some decorative elements to your garden. you can use this decorative lath wall to create a bit of privacy wherever you see fit. Furthermore, you can also use laths to make plain walls look more textured and natural.

At Sabie Poles, we are dedicated to always giving our clients the best customer service, if you are still unsure, give us a call! One of our sales agents will be happy to discuss the best suited timber product for your project.

Furthermore, you can check out the pricing and sizing of our other poles on our online pricing system. 

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