The top four reasons to build using/use CCA treated structural timber

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S5 CCA Construction timber

Structural timber is the blanket term that refers to various timber building materials. This includes fencing poles, droppers, vineyard poles and agricultural poles. Wood is widely used and believed to remain a popular building material for years to come.

A closer look at the benefits of using structural timber for your building project

If you choose to build using timber you will enjoy various benefits that other building materials do not afford you. There are many reasons why you should consider getting your hands on some quality timber products. Let us take a closer look at four of the top reasons you should choose to build using timber.

Structural Timber

Wood is a long-lasting building material

At our farm in Mpumalanga we manufacture world-class structural timber poles that are made to last. All our structural poles are treated by chromated copper arsenate (CCA) to improve their durability. Thanks to the CCA pole treatment our timber undergoes, buyers can rest assured that the structural timber they buy from us will withstand insect attacks, survive water damage and be rot and weather resistant.

We pride ourselves on following the very strict South African National Standard (SANS) guidelines when it comes to treating our timber. That is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on our CCA treated gum poles. This is why many wooden pole suppliers in South Africa to choose to work with us. It is also part of the reason we believe that quality timber products will always be a fantastic choice for the South African building industry. Who does not want to buy a product that has been manufactured to last a lifetime?

CCA treatment does not put flexural strength at risk

Our timber poles become extremely hardwearing and long-lasting after they have been subjected to CCA pole treatment. Best of all the application of this high-pressure treatment does not result in the loss of bending strength. This is important in building because wooden poles (think beams or utility poles) often have to stand up under a lot of pressure.

Timber can be a cost-effective building option

Structural timber prices are actually rather reasonable. According to the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC SA) people based in our country have vastly different perspectives on timber as building material. According to one of their posts The Rands and Cents of Timber Construction expert sources believe there are quite a few misconceptions out there about the price of structural timber.

It appears that many members of the South African public believe that building with timber is extremely cheap, while others believe it is reserved for the rich. This makes sense when you look at the different types of timber constructions in the country. ITC SA specifically reference cheaply built beach houses that have thin cladding and virtually no insulation. This stands in stark contrast to the high-quality wooden homes or hotels that are designed and constructed in affluent areas nowadays.

Impact of new legislation

The homes being built these days have to be meticulously designed to meet the government’s SANS 10082 regulations in relation to timber frame building. They also have to measure up to the relatively new SANS 10400 section XA related to energy efficiency in buildings.

Gone are the days of timber homes being quickly and casually constructed! Today’s timber homes necessitate skilled labour. So, while the material itself can be more cost-effective than that of brick-and-mortar houses, you cannot entrust the construction of your log home to just anyone! What you end up saving on material you could therefore end up spending on labour costs.  It is therefore always good to be on the lookout for bulk timber deals.

When is timber the more affordable (cheaper) option?

According to ITC SA there are two instances when timber becomes more cost-effective than other building materials:

  • When your home is constructed on a steep site.
  • When built on a particularly inaccessible site.

In the first instance it becomes more cost-effective to use quality timber products because your home can be suspended on a timber floor structure. This is cheaper than having to lay the foundations required by a brick-and-mortar building on sloped land.

In the second instance you save money because so much of the required building material can be delivered in a single truck load. If you choose to go the more ‘traditional’ route you will end up having to pay for multiple truck loads to ensure that all the building materials are delivered to site.

It is also possible to secure some bulk timber deals on occasion. This will have a favourable impact on structural timber prices for your project.

Structural timber is a safe building option

Timber Frame

These days CCA pole treatment produces a product that is free from odour and leach resistant. The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) heavily regulates timber manufacturing. They ensure that the timber sold by wooden pole suppliers in South Africa remains up to standard. Timber manufacturers like ourselves have to adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to the CCA pole treatment we administer.

That is because certain types of treatments are appropriate for certain applications. For example, if your fencing poles will come into direct contact with your livestock, you are only allowed to purchase a certain class of timber that has been treated in a certain way. The same applies to fencing poles that will come into contact with plants, or to structural timber that will come into contact with humans.

Buy the right quality timber products for your needs

You need to take a close look at the Hazard Class (H Classes) of the wood you buy. If you are a farmer there is no use buying fencing poles that cannot be applied near livestock. Here is a quick look at our different H classes.

Various H Classes available at Sabie Poles

H2 – Perfect for internal applications

H3 – Works well for external above-ground applications

H4 –  Best for in-ground contact applications

H5 – Appropriate for wet soil or even in-water applications 

H6 – Suitable for application in seawater

Knowing which CCA treatment class to use for your application?

If you have any doubt about which of our products would work best for your needs as a supplier or contractor, please ask us. We work with some of the best wooden pole suppliers in South Africa. We also pride ourselves on building long-standing relationships with all our customers. They come back to us time and again because of our quality service. We also offer competitive structural timber prices.

Quality timber building products are environmentally friendly

Wood is the only renewable building material out there. Producing concrete requires far more from the earth because the process creates so much pollution. Cement production is responsible for 5% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. That is not where it ends! Concrete dust can also leach into the earth when old buildings are destroyed. Timber manufacturing is clearly kinder to our world.

At Sabie Poles we are extremely proud of the fact that we farm with the environment in mind. We love what we do, and we love our trees. Each of our poles are well taken care of throughout the farming process. And, for each pole that we sell, we plant a brand new tree! You can rest assured that taking advantage of any bulk timber deals will not impact our overall supply.

We are aware that wooden pole suppliers in South Africa often need to place sizeable orders. That is why we ensure that we keep a large amount of processed and treated timber ready for our customers. This includes agricultural poles, structural poles and fencing poles etc.If you need to secure any bulk timber deals we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with us directly for more information about our structural timber prices. We can assist with all your timber needs including timber for building projects, rail-in fencing, agricultural poles and fencing poles

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