Quality First: Know your Timber

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Quality Wood First

Putting quality first is the cornerstone of our commitment as a manufacturer of timber products. We firmly believe that exceptional quality begins long before the wood is cut, treated, or fashioned into the final product. Instead, it all starts with a tiny, humble seedling.

To ensure the utmost quality in our timber products, we recognize the significance of selecting the best seeds right from the beginning. The journey begins with careful consideration and evaluation of each seed’s potential for the specific end-purpose we have in mind. This critical decision-making process is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Once the ideal seeds have been chosen, we entrust them to the experienced hands of a reputable nursery, such as Ezigrow. This partnership is crucial. As the experts at Ezigrow employ their expertise to ensure that the selected seeds are nurtured under optimal conditions. The use of the right plant medium, coupled with precise temperature control, fosters the development of strong, resilient, and high-quality plants.

Our work shows in our product quality

As these seeds grow under the watchful eyes of skilled cultivators, they flourish into robust plants, steadily reaching their full potential. Throughout this growth process, we as farmers take pride in knowing that every step has been taken to ensure the plants’ health and vitality. This directly translates into the exceptional quality of the timber they will eventually become.

Once the plants have matured and the time for harvest arrives, we carry out this process. We do this with the utmost care and precision. The timber is harvested at the peak of its strength and maturity. As a result, it possesses all the attributes needed to become a top-grade wood product.

We ensure that each timber product that leaves our facility is of the highest caliber. Our commitment extends beyond just crafting wood; it is a promise to our customers that they will receive timber products that are second to none in terms of durability, beauty, and reliability.

We are foresters, manufacturers and retailers/wholesalers. We ensure that our timber adheres to the high standards. The standards are as provided by SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) and NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Standards).

Quality is key.

We are passionate about trees and their impact on the environment.

We dedicate our time to planting a tree for every treated pole that is sold. Therefore, we do not contribute to the deforestation epidemic around the world.  

Sustainable harvesting and manufacturing.

The next time you are making a timber purchase, remember: Quality and sustainability are key.

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