Revamp your yard with these DIY ideas.

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If you have a yard that you feel may need a change then these DIY ideas might just work for you.

Timber works perfectly well in DIY projects because it is lightweight, easy to handle, cost-effective, and versatile. If it is CCA treated and used for the correct applications, it can be very durable. You may even be surprised to see that your DIY project could become an investment. Our poles and timber products can also be sealed, stained, and painted to your desired look.

We went on ahead and gathered some useful ideas to add some character to your yard.

6 Ideas for an outside entertainment area

Summer days can become extremely hot, and days like these are not ideal to sit with a group of people crowded indoors. However, having an entertainment area outside could make things a lot easier. Certainly, there are many ways to do this without it costing you an arm and a leg. Here are six ideas to get you started.

Poolside deck to bath in the sun Gib – San Pools Ltd.

DIY Deck

Timber is a common material to use for a deck next to your pool because it presents a modern rustic style to a home. You can cut timber into wide or thin planks to be laid in a variety of patterns to create a unique look.  CCA-treated timber is recommended to build a deck, especially if it is near water.

Pergola for a perfect setting – Anikaglobal

DIY Pergola

Pergolas are fast to construct and very convenient. You can easily decorate it to create a beautiful setting, maybe for a romantic evening. Or you can turn it into your own relaxing space. We all need some time out now and then.

Pergolas also have the characteristic of adding an elegant style to your backyard. Laths or timber products such as pine ceilings can be used to cover the roof or to close off the sides for more privacy and to protect your furniture from the weather.

Outside grill to heat up the party

DIY Grill Stand

Have you ever heard of a “grillzebo”? In South Africa, we prefer to braai, but grilling works well too. Build a structure where you can conveniently prepare your food without the blazing sun rays beaming down on you. The benefit of this type of structure, is its mobility, you can move it anywhere you please.

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Personal space for meditation

DIY Pergola

a Patio is a small setting that is generally built just outside the front or back door. You can, for example, add a cozy couch with some cozy cushions to create a comfy place to read a book and you are all set. You can even build a custom wood couch with pine to match your beautiful patio design.

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Create a scene with a Lapa.

DIY Lapa

Lapas that are built with a thatched roof have some thermal advantages. Building a Lapa next to or close to your pool is great for an outside entertainment space. Thatch is perfect for our summer months to spend time outdoors and relax. it is also the perfect cover for a rainy day. 

Enjoy nature with an outdoor garden shed – country living

DIY Shed

a Garden shed can easily become a place of solitude and peace. Some sheds are used to store garden tools and machinery or it can be used as a potting shed. In which case it can easily become a place of solitude and peace.

Plant lovers enjoy being around their plants most of the time, even if there is no work to do. You can turn your shed into a beautiful tea garden shed, where you can sit enjoy the company of your friends and family.

Small-scale DIY ideas

Timber is the perfect material for big and small DIY projects. There are plenty of easy projects you can take on to completely transform your yard. However, if you have too little time on your hands for DIY projects such as these mentioned above, then you can try these DIY projects which you can build in a weekend.

Bring your wall to life with a garden wall

DIY Garden Wall

Add a rustic charm to your outside wall with custom plant holders. You can never go wrong with plants. There are so many ways to showcase them. This is ideal for growing pretty succulents or even low-growing vegetables. (Photo credit:

Enjoy the flow with a swinging chair.

DIY Swing

This one is my favourite of all DIYs ever. For your family and friends, you can build a place to sit and gather during the warm months and cuddle under a blanket when the evenings get chilly. You can build a swinging chair anywhere outside, on your porch, or under that big tree in your yard. It’s an easy build that can be done in one day.

Cover it up with outdoor screens.

DIY Wall

You can use screens for decor and privacy. Other than that, screens also have the benefit of providing a fresh flow of air throughout your garden and can also limit the amount of sunlight that filters through, which is ideal for the summer months.

The beers are not far with an outdoor bar.


Having an outside bar is super convenient. When gathering with some close friends, there is no need to run up and down to fetch drinks for everyone. Everything you need is right there with you.

Create a unique Picknick table.

DIY Bench

You may have seen these kinds of chairs mainly at restaurants. This pick nick chair is unique because it has a built-in beer cooler in the middle to your drinks cool and stays cool at all times. And it is only an arm stretch away. You will enjoy this DIY project all summer long! (photo credit: Home Depot)

Get up there with an open tree house!

DIY tree house
Apartment Therapy

Everyone wants a treehouse. If you have a huge tree outside in the backyard, here is a way to put some effective use to it. It’s certainly ideal if you want some peace without anyone disturbing you. Make it cozy by adding some big pillows and a blanket.

Enhance your garden with a garden footbridge and walkway.

DIY Walkway

Footbridges have many functions, and they can stand out as a focal point in your garden. It also provides easy access to your garden.  By giving it a little paint, you can create a natural flow in your garden.

We can supply the timber material you need.

Right! Now it’s down to the material that you will need to tackle one of these awesome projects.

At Sabie Poles, we supply SA Pine Timber and Eucalyptus Poles which will work perfectly well for these DIY’s. You can purchase CCA-treated or untreated timber.

Since these projects are for outside use, CCA-treated timber is recommended as it is protected against insect attacks and weathering elements making it durable.

We also stock Timberlife sealants such as UltraSeal (which is a unique blend of drying oils, high-quality resins, water-repellent wax components, and UV-resistant transparent iron oxide pigments making it perfect for outside timber.) and various Timberlife stains in multiple drown shades to compliment your DIY project even more and sealants to add additional protection.

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