CCA Pressure-treated Pole log furniture

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Pole Log Furniture for inside use

Characteristics of pole log furniture are mainly that it is built from poles that are not CCA pressure treated.
Furniture is usually smaller and not bulky. Pole log furniture is sometimes assembled inside the house and fixed to the walls. Pole log furniture inside the house must be stained/varnished to ensure a piece of furniture that does not gather too much dust in corners. One of the characteristics of Pole log furniture is a rustic look. Chairs and table legs should be covered with plastic cups to prevent water from floor surfaces to damage wood and to prevent scratches on your floor.

Pole log furniture for outside use.

Watching the sunset at the end of a hard day is so much pleasurable when done from your patio, or from under a shady tree in the backyard. You can always extend your building with a CCA pressure-treated deck. You can build log pole furniture with CCA pressure-treated material which is highly durable and extremely cost-effective. Log pole furniture is handcrafted and unique to suit the client’s needs.

Fact 1 – CCA pressure-treated log pole furniture does not need a lot of maintenance -except if it is stained and varnished.
Fact 2 – Bulky pole log furniture is suitable for outside use and very strong.
Fact 3 – Pole log furniture exposed to rain will expand – also shrink back when sunny weather appears.
Fact 4 – Pole log furniture is designed for quality and durability, rather than manufactured for quantity.

Hint: Use Bronze rather than steel hinges – steel rusts but bronze will last longer.
Hint 2: When painting/staining or varnishing your outside Pole log furniture make sure that the Moisture content is 12% or lower.

Using Laths in your Garden furniture

When CCA pressure-treated droppers and laths come out of the treatment tank it has a “wet” feel to them. They dry fairly quickly and make a perfect material for garden furniture. It’s easy to work with and very durable. The cost-effective material provides a way to create stunning garden furniture that will last for years. All our Droppers and laths are CCA treated, highly durable, and extremely cost-effective.

If you need a space to complement your new wooden garden furniture, consider investing in a wooden deck. We can supply all the decking materials you need. So, if you’re looking for great quality, affordable material to create your unique garden furniture, make sure you give us a call.

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