The CCA pressure treated deck for InniBos Illanga Mall

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What is the connection between singing, dancing, acting/ performing and eating have in common with a CCA pressure treated deck?

The deck!  Of course!  

Accommodating performers from all over South Africa together in Nelspruit for an “InniBos Illanga Mall festival” was a challenge to the organizers from the “Inni-bos” festival committee.  Covid restrictions made the usual yearly “Inni-bos” festival change from enticing hundreds of people at a time to only 200 people gathered in one place.  Strategically the Inni-bos committee came up with a plan to use the Illange Mall to stage shows and also support the local restaurants and all the actors that’s been hit hardest by the Covid restrictions An additional seating area was needed – and this is when Sabie Poles was contacted to participate in this wonderful exciting event!

An additional seating area was needed and this is when Sabie Poles was contacted to participate in this wonderful exciting event! The restaurants can only seat a few people at a time. so we had to create some additional space for people, in order to adhere to covid restrictions, but also provide a safe space for more people to enjoy what the arts offered them.

Building an CCA pressure treated deck was the most obvious way to do it in a very short time.  Aesthetic might seem like an afterthought since you want to go out there in the morning, put the decking up and get it done by the afternoon! But in order to tie the project together with the restaurants, parking area and entrances we started with planning the whole deck! (Which is the most important step in building your own CCA pressure treated deck at home or at the office!)  When deciding on an aesthetic you will be looking at things like colors, patterns, sunlight and more.

Luckily, we have all the experts on hand at Sabie Poles to undertake such a project!

Points we had to consider when building this CCA pressure treated deck;

  1.  We had to take into consideration how many tables and chairs need to fit into the deck area.  
  2. How many times will the tables and chairs be moved? (Storage of tables and chairs at night)
  3. How many diners will be on the deck at any given time?
  4. What width must the walkway be between tables to still adhere to Covid 19 regulations.
  5. To what height will the deck be lifted? (We had to make sure that we do not obstruct the view! Singers sang inside restaurants and shows were hosted inside restaurants)
  6. Onto what will we anchor the supports underneath the deck?  As this deck had to be built in a parking lot in front of the shopping center, we had to find a way not to damage the tar surface.  The answer to this was to build a framework out of steel and attach the CCA pressure treated decking onto the steel.
  7. For what period will the stage be exposed to the sun/rain and wind? As this was only a four-day Inni-Bos extravaganza, heavy rain was bound to pour down, as we are entering our rainy season in the Lowveld. 
  8. What color to use if we varnish the deck? Dark stain would create an image of a cramped space – therefor we opted for a lighter colored varnish.
  9. Will the deck be built with 32mm x 102mm or 22 mm x 102mm CCA pressure treated decking?
  10. Was permission granted to build a deck?
  11. How much time is available to complete the task?
  12. How safe will the deck be for people walking past?
  13. Will there be a need for steps and wheelchair access?
  14. Is there access to an electrical distribution board?  Will lights be on stands on the deck or alongside the deck – or above on an overhead rail?
  15. Which part of the deck will be carrying heavier traffic?
  16. Surface of the deck must be smooth -no holes in boards
  17. Will the deck need sanding down after installation?
  18. Will we need to use non-slip decking?
  19. Must the deck have side rails? 
  20. How high must the side rails be?
  21. Should the CCA pressure treated deck be enclosed or only on two or three sides?
  22. What “look” do we want to create?  Rustic or Smart?
  23. The deck must be adhering to Covid regulations – social distancing is still very real and needs to be adhered to. 

When you take a look at the planning list, you will agree that our structure had to be exceptional.  It would be the first thing that people notice when they approach the entrance of the Ilanga Shopping Mall.  It had to be safe and also enticing and friendly.   CCA pressure treated decking supplied by Sabie Poles, did just that! When we combined our decking with steel frameworks and after painting the steel, it was a deck that everybody wants to have in their yard! 

The good news is that everybody can have a CCA pressure treated deck similar to this one!  Its as easy as picking up the phone or emailing us with your requirements.

The InniBos Mall event was a great success from the first night, as documented by the Lowvelder. Our team at Sabie Poles is grateful to have been a part of this awesome initiative and offer a CCA pressure treated deck.

Sabie Pole’s decking boards are all SABS approved. Additionally, when we pressure treat our decking boards, we strictly adhere to the NRCS, SABS and SAWPA rules and regulations. This means that you – when you buy decking from us –  as a customer, will be getting the highest quality decking timber in South Africa at an affordable price.

In the end we are grateful to be of service to our customers!  A big shout-out of “thank you” to our customers.
We appreciate you.

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