9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Wholesale Timber & CCA Poles from Sabie Poles

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Trusted CCAPoles Supplier

There are many wholesale timber suppliers in South Africa, but you will find none as dedicated, ethical and passionate as Sabie Poles.

At Sabie Poles we are constantly striving to have the best products, prices and customer service. But let’s get into the details of why you should buy CCA Treated wholesale timber from Sabie Poles

1. Many Years of Experience in Wholesale timber supply

When you’re buying CCA Treated Poles from Sabie Poles, you’re not just buying a product. You are buying a product that has been developed over 20 years. The CCA Treated Poles are of the highest quality due to the fact that the staff has over 105 combined years of experience when it comes to treating timber.

The CCA Treatment Process has been designed and refined at their factory to be as efficient as possible, creating great turnaround times on the biggest of wholesale orders.

The owners of Sabie Poles are proud to be able to supply at great quantities without compromising on quality or delivery time.

2. Great ethics unmatched by our competition

We pride ourselves in high-quality CCA Treated wholesale timber, but also in ethical practices within the company.

The principle of excellent customer service and the best quality at a fair price has always been our basis for doing business. Our honesty and commitment to the biggest asset, the staff, ensured that the total team grew over the years with a loyalty that is a scarce commodity in the industry today. Ongoing staff training ensures that all quality and safety aspects are being upheld.

Our mission at Sabie Poles

In short, we are committed to the following ethics and practices:

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Best Quality
  • Fair Prices
  • Honesty
  • Ongoing Staff Training
  • Upholding Safety and Quality Regulations
  • Inclusion  (We are a level four BBBEE contributor. This is an exceptional rating for the timber industry.)

3. Nationwide delivery of wholesale timber orders

Sabie Poles might do business from a small town in Sabie, but we deliver our products across Southern Africa!

We pride ourselves in the quick turnaround time from ordering, receiving payment, and getting your wholesale timber on a truck, and transporting it right to your door! We organize the transport, so you don’t have to worry about it!

Our average turnaround time from payment is a maximum of 7 days! This means when you order and make your payment, you will have your wholesale timber in your shop within a week!

You can contact us for a quotation today! 

4. Attention to detail (quality timber products treated according to industry standards)

In 1997 Sabie Poles received the SABS mark of approval on their product. Currently, the SABS actually refers to other pole treatment manufacturers to us for guidance and training on certain issues. In 2017 we were granted the NRCS approval as a reputable treated pole manufacturer.

Sabie Poles were also the very first treatment plant to receive the SA Wood Preservers Associations environmental competence certificate – August 1997. This certifies that we are voluntary fulfilling the SABS code practice 0255 (Reduction of Environmental and Human health hazards of Wood Preservation).

We are committed that no sub-standard product will leave our premises.

Gauteng Whole Sale Timber

Therefore, we offer a 15-year guarantee on our treated products on condition that the correct hazard class pole was used for the job at hand.

5. Fastest delivery in South Africa (many outlets in your area.)

We know that when you are running a business you don’t have time to worry about things like transport and delivery times. You need to be working with someone that can deliver wholesale timber to your door, with a fixed time and a fixed price.

That’s why, at Sabie Poles, when you get your quotation you have a price upfront. According to our ethics guidelines, we will never obscure any costs.

Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that the price you see on your quotation, is the price you’re going to be paying.

Furthermore, our delivery time is exceptional.

It takes a maximum of 7 days from payment to get the wholesale timber to your door!

And if that’s not enough, we probably have an outlet selling our CCA Treated Poles in your area! So if you’re a consumer, and looking to buy a few CCA Treated Timber Poles, you can contact us to find an outlet near you!

6. Wholesale timber prices perfect for the retailer

Running a business can be stressful when your margins are small. At Sabie Poles, commitment to giving you affordable wholesale timber prices so that you can still

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make a reasonable profit from retailing Treated Poles is very important.

Therefore, we give the best wholesale prices to suit your budget and your business!

To get a wholesale price list, please contact us! 

You can find and download our normal price list right from our website by clicking here.

7. Long-term Sustainability

At Sabie Poles we are not only committed to preserving the timber we cut down, but we are dedicated to sustainable forestry. For this reason, we have invested in our own plantations.

For every pole we sell, we plant a Eucalyptus tree. Therefore, we offer continuous and sustainable services/products by dedicating our time to replenish the plantations that we cut down. We are able to supply you with Treated Timber for years to come. The fact that we have our own sustainable forests means that we are a reliable CCA Treated Timber Supplier!

You can head on over to our post regarding Deforestation in South Africa and other Environmental issues that we are tackling in Southern Africa.

Locally grown, harvested and treated.

8. Personal passion

Our team lives and breathes Timber! We are passionate about the industry, the people within it and the products we supply.

Living in a town like Sabie, Mpumalanga, you cannot help but love nature and the timber industry. We know wood, the quality, the treatments and everything that goes with the wood industry.

They say if you do the thing you love, you will never work a day in your life! For us at Sabie Poles, this rings very true. We are blessed to have been able to turn our passion into our work.

Whether it be wholesale timber or a few Treated Poles,  you know that when you’re buying from us, you’re buying top quality treated timber.

9. Personal knowledge and experience to help you select the right timber for the job

There’s a reason we’ve been in the industry for over 20 years! It’s because we know exactly what we’re doing.

We’ve summed up some of the knowledge on our blog, where you can read all about the products, the safety, the uses and the different classes of CCA Treated Timber. 

But when you buy from Sabie Poles, you are getting the best service, advice, and timber. Because we know the industry and product so well, we are able to advise and assist you in choosing the correct timber for your intended purposes.

What are you waiting for?

As a wholesale timber supplier to the whole of Southern Africa, we invite you to contact us if you’re looking to stock CCA Treated Timber products. We are happy to be of assistance!

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