Pressure-Treated Poles and timber: DIY Jungle Gym / Klimraam – Christmas DIY Series

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Pressure-Treated Poles

Pressure-Treated Poles, cladding and flooring can all come in handy when you’re thinking about revamping your backyard this holiday. This festive season we are doing a Christmas DIY backyard series.

We will focus on DIY projects that you and your family can enjoy doing together. We will be curating free building plans, tips, tricks and help you out with affordable prices on building materials for each project. This series will include a few DIY topics like kids playsets, Wendy houses and, decks.

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Why we are focusing on pressure-treated poles for DIY projects this week

At Sabie Poles, we encourage family activities. We consider it time well spent when a family gets together in order to add something unique to their home. It not only creates a better space for everyone to live in but creates valuable memories that the whole family can cherish for the rest of their lives.

DIY Jungle Gym

For this reason, our first DIY project that we’ll be focusing on, is Jungle Gyms! Any household with toddlers will know that they have an abundance of energy to exert every single day.

Building a Jungle Gym is the perfect way to give them a space that is completely theirs where they can play freely and be themselves.

Jungle Gym / Klimraam with Pressure-Treated Poles

A wooden Jungle Gym is one of those projects that you can completely customize to whatever style and shape you want. Why? Because wood is so versatile.

A few traditional things included in Jungle Gyms are:

  • Swings
  • Slide
  • Deck with mini house
  • Bridge
  • Ladders
  • Hanging Ropes

These are a few ideas you can think of when contemplating your Jungle Gym design. The awesome thing about going a “DIY” project, is that you can customize it in any available space in your yard.

We have gathered some free Jungle Gym plans to get your mind going and help you start the planning process of your project:

*Please note, Sabie Poles have not built these jungle gyms. Therefore, they are merely guidelines and we cannot vouch for the safety, usability etc. of the plans that these sites offer.*

Additional Ideas for Jungle Gym:


Add a sandbox underneath the kid’s jungle gym. This will allow you to contain the sand in one area while allowing the kids to enjoy the messiness you don’t want in the house!

For this, you can easily make use of our Treated Construction planks. They will be ideal for creating a sturdy and long-lasting box.

DIY  wood sand box

Using old Tires

Using old tires in your Jungle Gym is not only cost-effective but you can do a multitude of different designs for it. For instance:

Tiered Tires 

Pressure-Treated Poles tiered tires

This is an amazing idea to not only make the playground more colorful but to get the kids active in climbing up and down this tire tower!

Using CCA Pressure-Treated Poles for the support beams at the sides has many benefits. For instance, it will last at least 15 years (when the correct treatment class is used). Furthermore, the treated timber is easy to paint to your desired color with normal wood paint. Additionally, you can also seal the paint in with a top coat of varnish to ensure that the wood lasts as long as possible!

Tire Swings

Pressure-Treated Poles
Photo Credits:

Tire swings are one of the most affordable and enjoyable playground pieces because they are simple to install, require minimal maintenance, and provide hours of fun for children of all ages. We are quite certain that every person reading this has some sort of memory involving a brilliant swing.

Why not turn the whole experience of constructing into a family activity?

See-Saw / Tire Totter

Pressure-Treated Poles

a See-saw is a classic addition to any playground because it provides an opportunity for cooperative play. It also helps develop physical coordination and strength. It is also a great way for children to develop their social skills. This specific invention comes from My Fixit Up Life, where you can get the specific instruction on how to build this lovely see-saw.

Our construction grade CCA Treated Planks will be perfect (and affordable) for this project! The planks are easily painted and sealed. Therefore, you can be sure that this will make a lovely addition to the backyard playground.

Perk: Kids can have a ball with helping out to paint the tire and the plank!

  • Climbing Wall

A climbing wall gives a child the chance to get your kid to do some exercise while playing!

For this project, you can use treated construction timber to build a wall. Thereafter you can choose whichever handles you desire  and add them to the wall at random places to create a climbing wall

Pressure-Treated Poles
Photo Credits:

Want to figure out how to build this kids “rock” climbing wall? Head on over to Hunker to get a step-by-step guide on how to build this.

Which products can Sabie Poles offer the home handyman with a project such as this?

You can find the prices and sizes on these treated timber products by downloading our price list here. 

Playsets that have been built with Sabie Poles’ pressure-treated timber:

Two of our clients have sent us pictures of their completed playsets using Sabie Poles’ timber. These playsets are guaranteed to last at least 15 years. Additionally, the quality timber is guaranteed to be of the highest standards.

How can you be sure of this? Our timber is:

  • SABS Approved
  • Adheres to NRCS standards and,
  • We are proud partners of SAWPA
jungle gyms

These three bodies all ensure that our standards, processes of treatment and regulatory guidelines are always met. Therefore, we can say that our products will always be of exceptional quality.


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