Why a log home is the perfect get away

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Log Home

Our daily lives can become so overwhelming at times and certainly, there will come a time when we will start to feel that we need something like a get-away place just to give ourselves a chance to rest and gain the courage to handle the daily challenges that life throws at us. A log home built right next to the river could be just what you need. Why?

Because, log homes are built with wooden logs, which is a natural resource. Wood has a very effective character of creating a relaxing feel in an environment, which is what we are looking for. And building a log home next to a flowing river just adds as a bonus.

According to Universal Rocks, “Researchers believe that the sound of water can guide the neuronal waves in our brain, allowing for a calming effect. In addition, the sound of water is also a form of “white noise” which can provide multiple psychological benefits as well.” And while you are at it, why not add a dock for your boats?

Outside a log home
Log home

3 Important benefits of a Log home

The whole purpose of having a vacation home is to get away and relax. You don’t want to spend a huge amount of time on repairs and maintenance. With log homes, the only little effort that you might need is to clean and dust off all the particles that might have built up in the time that you were not there. Having a log home as your vacation home holds many benefits, but here are 3 main benefits:

Low Maintenance

Maintenance on a log home is relatively low when planning before a building is done properly and the correct material is used for building. It is important to use CCA treated logs for these kinds of projects to keep it protected from environmental elements such as weathering conditions. 

Log homes built in or near water are exposed to threatening elements such as double exposure to sunlight (caused by the rays reflecting on the water) and the moisture content that can lead to rot and fungi growth. CCA Pressure-treated logs are  also protected against these wood-destroying organisms. Thus allowing the logs to remain strong and durable for 20 years and more.

Energy efficient

Log homes are generally well insulated and known to be more energy efficient than homes built with other materials. Its unique design allows you to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


You can be certain that if a log home is built correctly with the correct materials such as CCA Treated Logs, it is built to last! A log cabin home will be an asset you can hand down to younger generations.

Characteristics of a log home

The main characteristic of a log home is the natural, relaxing feeling that it offers. Nimvo says, “If there is a word that goes hand-in-glove with log cabin architecture it is “traditional.” It brings to mind images of the Old West & protection from harsh winters. “

Here is a list of some great characteristics of a log home:

  • Many log homes provide plenty of empty space despite its small size. However, the amount of living space is not defined by  the interior of a log cabin style home, but how that space has been divided up to compartmentalize each living area.
  • Unlike other types of buildings, the log homes have a quality of absorbing sound very well. In a relaxing perspective, the log home offers a calming, less stressful environment.
  • Log homes generally have a fireplace. It serves as a family gathering place or guest area, and keeps the home warm and cosy.
  • The natural characteristic of a log home provides a sense of connecting with the natural environment and if a log home is located near or next to a river or water source, it adds to the natural feel and beauty of your home.
Inside a log home
Cosy Home

Building a log home

Building with timber logs enables you to build a log home in the most challenging areas. For instance, you may want to build it on a slope or build it halfway into a water source.

A swim ladder or boat ramp makes coming ashore easy. We supply decking/poles/ and timber to create walkways that beautify and make walking safe from the water. 

If your planning is done right and you have the right timber purchased from a trusted supplier like Sabie Poles, you are off to a good start.

Before buying the timber, you need a plan in place. Once you’ve made your decision, we can assist you by supplying all the timber products you will need.

Timber products for a log home

We have a variety of timber products available. Here are some of the basic timber products that you may need depending on the design plan you have chosen:

  • CCA Treated Timber Poles – To protect you from all of these dangers while still allowing you to get the desired look/aesthetic of a log cabin by staining and/or varnishing the CCA Treated Poles. 
  • CCA treated Decking – Pine Treated Decking Boards & Eucalyptus or other wood decking boards (On request only). These products can be stained and varnished to your preferred color.
  • CCA Treated and Untreated Timber flooring and ceiling for your interior 
  • Slabbed Bearers & Square-cut poles – can be used to support your structures
  • S5 Construction Timber – For your roof structures

These are only a few of the many timber products we have available.

Our timber products can be stained and varnished to your preferred colour. We have a variety of Timbelife stains and varnishes available. 

You can read our previous blog post about building a log home by following this link: Log Cabin Plans

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