Bulk Square-Cut Timber

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Square-cut Timber

Become a Timber Merchant with Sabie Poles

Buy bulk square-cut timber to stock in your hardware shop. Additionally, we also sell to the public on smaller orders. At Sabie Poles, we are committed to offering you the highest quality service, products, and prices. Whether you are ordering on wholesale terms or buying a few poles for a DIY project. We treat all our customers with the same respect, efficiency, and quality.  While we are situated in Sabie, Mpumalanga, we have Timber Merchants all over Southern Africa that distribute our products.

Timber is beautiful and square-cut poles are elegant, but please keep in mind that any timber that is cut goes through a settling process where it loses moisture and cracks. Square-cut poles lose moisture faster, due to the fact that the outer layer of softwood is removed in the cutting process.
So be patient when working with square-cut poles.

Bulk Square-Cut Timber Sizes:

At Sabie Poles, we can supply you with the following square-cut timber sizes:

  • 60/60
  • 80/80
  • 100/100

A Sturdy fence build with Square-cut Timber
Photo Credit: Allied Fence and Security
  • 120/120
  • 140/140
  • 160/160
  • These poles come in various lengths. The list below is all of the lengths available at Sabie Poles:

    • 1.2m
    • 1.5m
    • 1.8m
    • 2.4m
    • 2.7m
    • 3.0m
    • 3.6m
    • 4.2m
    • 4.8m
    • 5.4m

    If you are looking at stocking these products in your hardware shop, please feel free to contact us. We are always on the lookout for new Timber Merchants all over South Africa.

    Other important facts on the Square-Cut Timber:

    • Eucalyptus poles
    • Can be stained/painted to your preferred color.
    • Treated according to H2 CCA Class (no ground contact)

    Furthermore, if you are unsure what each class of CCA entails, please head on over to our previous post where we talk about CCA Classes in detail: Which CCA Class to use for my project? 

    *NB- ALWAYS make sure you are using the correct class of CCA Treatment for your application. Failure to do so will result in the timber performing poorly.*

    We sell in bulk and to the public! Contact Us for prices or download our price list.

    CCA Hazard Classes.

    Uses for Bulk Square-Cut Timber:

    These wooden products are made so versatile because they are strong and treated with CCA according to the H2 class.

    Available Sizes of Square cut wood

    is 60mm/60mm up to 200mm/200mm diameter

    We cut up to a maximum length of 6m.

    Square-cut poles are treated with an envelope treatment treated to H2 – Hazard class 2 meaning poles should be used under roof and above ground. No Ground Contact. Please note that the sapwood sides of the gum poles are cut off to create a square. Due to the fact that the softwood is sawn away the moisture from the inner core may escape faster than usual which may result in timber cracking. This depends on environmental factors and the elements the pole is exposed to, but cracking will eventually settle. Wood is a natural product and will change shape or form when exposed to elements.

    Make sure poles are strapped at the ends with stainless steel strapping, especially when anti-split end plates are sawn off. Take into consideration that when a CCA-treated product is cut after treatment the chemical guarantee expires. Make sure to seal your sawn wood with End-seal (available from us). For more information on square cut poles please contact one of our sales representatives.

    ( additional costs involved for specially requested 12 meters long square wood poles)

    • Construction Purposes

    Some of the most frequent uses are for Wood Flooring, Roof construction (rafters), and, Wood Support Beams.

    Square-cut Timber Beams for a outside stairs

    Other smaller construction uses include:

    • Wooden Railings
    • Walkways
    • Jungle Gyms

    They especially add a certain, neat, design aesthetic to any construction.

    Many designers are opting for these square-cut timber products for outdoor roof support beams, poles etc. because of the fact that they make any construction look high-end and neat.

    To read more about the uses of Square-cut Timber you can head over to our previous post: Treated Squarecut Wood Uses

    Square-Cut Jungle Gym

    Become a Bulk Square-cut timber buyer:

    As mentioned previously, we are always on the lookout for new timber merchants. At the moment, we are specifically looking for timber merchants in the following areas:

    • Pretoria, Gauteng
    • Johannesburg, Gauteng
    • Nylstroom / Modimole, Limpopo
    • Ellisras / Lephalele, Limpopo
    • Vrystaat / Freestate
    • Warmbad
    • Pietersburg

    Finally, If you are in these areas and are serious about becoming a timber merchant, please feel free to contact us.

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