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Specialty timber at your doorstep

No more searching for specialty timber all over. We have everything you need right here. And we deliver right to your doorstep!

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From a single timber plank to a beautiful deck

Building a dream deck is on everybody’s minds these days. Getting expert advice and guidance in choosing your decking materials/design can sometimes leave you with more questions. Sabie Poles is here to help.

CCA Treated Timber

Wooden Deck – A Crash course on all you need to know

Are you dreaming about that perfect deck that you want to build? Have you envisioned where it will be built, what the design will look like? You have even envisioned the varnish colors you’ll use to protect your precious deck, right? Well we’ve combined all you need to know into this blog so you can start building that dream today.

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CCA Treated Timber

Everything you need to know to build your own wood deck

Where do you start when you want to build your own wood deck? What timber sizes are required? Is CCA Tanalised timber best? What is the difference between the CCA Tanalised timber grading? Can I do it myself?

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