The CCA pressure treated deck for InniBos Illanga Mall

CCA pressure treated deck

Singing, dancing, acting/ performing and eating on a CCA pressure treated deck is what brings it all together. However, building a deck to perfectly suite all the requirements are important.  Organizing the “InniBos Illanga Mall festival” in Nelspruit posed challenges due to Covid restrictions. However, instead of the usual large gathering, only 200 people could […]

How CCA pressure-treated poles can help the Farmers to protect their orchards.

Bird Netting

To ensure the integrity of orchards, high-quality shade netting supported by CCA pressure-treated poles is employed. As you drive through the picturesque Schoemanskloof area, the vibrant orange and nartjie orchards lining the road catch your eye. These orchards are not only a sight to behold but also a testament to the dedication of the farmers […]

Building with Wood: A Timeless and Sustainable Choice

Building with wood

Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of building with wood. You know, there’s something truly special about the way wood blends artistry with practicality, making it an excellent choice for all kinds of structures, from majestic masterpieces to humble abodes. So, let’s explore the rich history and evolution of building with wood, shall we? […]

13 Steps To Building Your Pole Carport With CCA Poles

Carport design

Building your carport with CCA pressure-treated poles & Laths is a smart idea. The price of your vehicle doesn’t determine your choice as to whether you want a carport or not! It does help with creating a shaded space that will prevent the sun from damaging your vehicle over a long period. However, building your […]

Laths – The 4 Different Uses Of CCA Treated Eucalyptus Laths

Tanalised CCA Lathes

Laths that are manufactured from South African grown Eucalyptus is sustainable. Sabie poles believe in environmentally friendly forestry practises that is why we grow our own eucalyptus. Lathes are used for screens, handrails for walkways, or for use under thatched roofs – or simply for a decorative purpose.  Lathes are measured on the small end […]

The top four reasons to build using/use CCA treated structural timber

S5 CCA Construction timber

Structural timber is the blanket term that refers to various timber building materials. This includes fencing poles, droppers, vineyard poles and agricultural poles. Wood is widely used and believed to remain a popular building material for years to come. A closer look at the benefits of using structural timber for your building project If you […]

Pine Wood Decking – The best wood to use in South Africa?

Pine Wood Decking

Besides Pine wood decking, there are many good options to choose from when a person is searching for timber decking. We completely understand that it can become quite confusing. It is not just a matter of choosing between hardwood decking and softwood decking. Various other factors also need to be considered. Therefore, the Sabie Poles […]

Enhancing Your Garden: The Beauty of Wood Decking

Wood Decking

wood decking is a fantastic decision if you want to create a beautiful recreational outdoor space. It is understandable that many South Africans aspire to have a deck to enjoy at home. Spending time outdoors is a huge part of life in this beautiful country of ours. Many people choose to enhance their gardens by […]

Timber Wood -The types of timber wood exported from South Africa

Timber Wood

Forestry in South Africa remains prosperous. In fact, there are many that produce timber wood within the country. It may surprise you to learn that a little over a handful of these timber plantations are actually owned by big companies. This means that only a few privately owned farms are responsible for ensuring that South […]

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