Preserving CCA-Treated Wood with Timberlife Sealers

Preserving CCA-treated wood

Preserving CCA-treated wood even after it has already been treated against wood destroying elements are not always necessary. However, in certain applications, it would help to give just a little extra protection. When it comes to outdoor projects, pressure-treated wood has been the go-to choice for years. Its reputation for standing strong against decay and […]

Explore 8 Decking Material options to build a Durable deck.

Decking Materials

You’re a skilled building contractor responsible for a huge project at a lodge where you need to build a durable deck for five different lodges. However, it’s a modern, five-star lodge, and your client won’t expect anything less than pristine decks built with exceptional quality wood. One of the most important decisions you’ll make when […]

Decking Screws: Which is Best to Use for Your Timber Deck?

Galvanized Decking Screw

When it comes to building a timber deck, the choice of decking screws might not be the first thing on your mind. However, it’s a decision that can greatly impact the longevity and performance of your deck. Decking screws are the unsung heroes that hold your deck together, ensuring its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. […]

Transform Your Outdoor Oasis: Crafting the Perfect Pergola Paradise

Pergola by the pool

Imagine a tranquil outdoor space where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, basking in the gentle warmth of the sun or enjoying a cool breeze. Now, picture this space transformed by the addition of a pergola, a versatile and aesthetically pleasing outdoor structure. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the […]

Here’s How Sabie Poles Can Help Make Your Dream Timber House a Reality.

Timber House

If you’re embarking on the exciting journey of building your dream timber house, you’re in for a unique and charming living experience. Timber houses exude warmth and character, but the process can be intricate. From selecting the right timber to handling plumbing and electricals, there’s much to consider. That’s where Sabie Poles comes into play. […]

Timber: A Guide to using quality products in the right applications.


Timber is a sustainable and versatile material. You can use it in many different applications. However, in many cases, especially where there is moisture present or the wood is used outside where it will be exposed to natural elements, you should use CCA treated timber. Some may consider to only apply a protective coating on […]

Thatching: A Roofing Technique that holds many benefits

Roof Thatching

In the ever-evolving landscape of architectural techniques and roofing materials, there’s a technique that has stood the test of time – thatching. This traditional method involves creating roofs using dry plants such as straw, reeds, rushes, heather, or palm branches. These natural materials are precisely arranged in layers. These layers serves as a protective shield […]

Breaking Barriers: Empowering women in the Timber Industry

Women in Forestry

In a world where empowering women and promoting gender equality are becoming increasingly important, it is crucial to recognize and commemorate the achievements of women across various sectors. This includes industries that have historically been male-dominated. An exemplary case in point is the timber industry – a sector of immense importance to both the global […]

Your Wood Deck: Choosing the Right Decking Wood for Your project

Durable Wood Deck

When it comes to creating a durable wood deck that withstands the test of time, choosing the right wood is crucial. The type of wood you select can make a significant difference in terms of durability, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements. At Sabie Poles, we take pride in offering an exceptional selection of high-quality hardwood decking […]

The Importance of CCA-Treated Wood and Handling Guidelines

CCA Treated Wood

The primary purpose of CCA treated wood is to extend the lifespan of wood products, particularly those used in outdoor applications or in contact with the ground. The CCA chemicals that are impregnated into the wood make it highly resistant to decay caused by moisture, insects, and microorganisms. Some people may consider using untreated wood for their […]

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