About Sabie Poles cc

We are a reputable family run timber company specializing in CCA treatment of poles and planks being used in the building, fencing and agricultural industries. We use CCA, because it enhances the lifespan of the timber and protects it against termites, fungi, wood decay and insect attacks. By enhancing the lifespan, we believe that we play a major role in protecting our natural resources from deforestation.

Founding Date: December 1994

Our Mission

The principle of honesty, excellent customer service and the best quality at a fair price has always been our basis of doing business over the past 2 decades. Our commitment and open-door policy to the biggest asset, the staff, ensured that the total team grew over the years with a loyalty that is a scarce commodity in the industry today. Ongoing staff training ensures that all quality and safety aspects are being upheld. As far as possible we try to employ people from our local community, hence empowering and uplifting the community.  Failure is not an option, because our growth and strength ensure that our staff are well taken care of.  Therefore, our customers who are the ones helping us achieve this success, mean the world to us.

CCA treated poles, laths, droppers, planks, decking, ceiling and cladding for use in the building industry, fencing, general agricultural industries and utility pole market.

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