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Global Poles

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Decking, Flooring, Ceiling & more...

Do You Struggle With Inconsistent Timber Supply?

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Tired of wasting time to source reliable timber suppliers? You don’t have to be frustrated anymore. You deserve a hasstle free experience to find the best possible timber for your project.

Sabie Poles will help you find the perfect timber for your application by providing expert advice. We deliver exactly what you need when you need it, no matter where you are in the world. You can now be confident that quantity & quality will be delivered to you by a trustworthy timber supplier.

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We understand the frustration and hopelessness when it comes to reliable timber suppliers. We’ve been in this industry for well over 25 years and our team of experts have a combined experience of over 100+ years. The frustration of  procurement managers can be overcome. You just need to put your trust in a reliable business like Sabie Poles.

Your procurement is supposed to be easy and on top of that you need an experienced timber expert to help you choose the perfect timber for your application. That is exactly what our team at Sabie Poles does. We are dedicated to providing the best quality certified timber for your project. We strive to be your reliable supplier in the ever changing timber industry.

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What is Your Company Details?

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