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Our Products

CCA Poles

Reliable, certified Eucalyptus CCA Treated Timber (Gum Poles) for sale. SABS & NRCS approved products.

CCA Laths

CCA Laths is perfect for your decorative screens, pergolas, fences, and carports. We have a wide range of lengths & sizes available to buy.

CCA Droppers

S5 Construction

Ensure your project’s structural integrity by using the highest grade structural timber available. Our construction timber is available treated and untreated.

Timber Decking

The best way to turn any outdoor space into a glorious entertaining area. Our Treated Timber Decking is perfect for that poolside non-slip decking or that lodge’s perfect finishing trim.

Timber Treatment

Timber treatment, extend the life of your timber structures by using the highest quality timber treatment products. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Square-Cut Poles

Square-cut poles, add the authentic natural style of wood to any architecture design. Eucalyptus Square-cut poles are perfect for that rustic feel.

Timber Cladding

Timber Cladding is designed with your building needs in mind. We treat our cladding according to SABS rules and regulations of SABS 457-2, SABS 457-3, SABS 673. It also adheres to the NRCS rules, regulations and guidelines for treatment.

Timber Flooring

We supply quality hardwoord & softwood timber flooring, choose from a selection of lengths and sizes by requesting a free quote.

Timber Quarter Round

Timber Quarter Rounds adds to the finishing touch of your flooring. They are installed between the base of a wall and the flooring.

Timber Architraves

Architraves can enhance the style and theme of any room by providing character, flair, and elegance while masking or hiding joints & seams mostly between the wall and a door/window frame. They are added after the window or door framing is installed.

Timber Ceiling

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Our passion for the Timber industry stretches far beyond just manufacturing and treating timber. We are Eucalyptus farmers so that we can control every aspect of the process to ensure the highest quality for every order. 

who we are

Sabie Poles is a business that was born from a passion for the timber industry. We have been consistently supplying intentional quality CCA Tanalised Timber for 28 years. We specialize in the CCA Treatment of Eucalyptus poles and other timber products. As a leader in the industry, we’ve always believed in producing high-quality products at a fair price with excellent customer service. We’re passionate about manufacturing products that will last at least 25 years, thereby aiding in the fight against deforestation in South Africa and the world.

Consumer education is an important aspect of our business. We believe that knowledge is power, and we strive to put the power in the consumer’s hands by educating them through our various social media channels and blogs about what they need to be on the lookout for when purchasing timber from manufacturers and suppliers. 

It’s a combination of all of these factors that have set us apart from our counterparts. 8

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accredited, certified

and reliable

timber supply

Our accreditation exceeds the minimum requirements to be a CCA Treated Manufacturer and supplier. All our CCA Treated products have the SABS and NRCS’ stamp of approval.

Furthermore, we have certification and membership with some of the top contributors in the CCA Manufacturing and forestry bodies like SAWPA (South African Wood Preservers Association).

With 25 years below our belt, we are positive that we will continue to manufacture and supply top quality CCA products locally and internationally.

Why we love timber

Marina Daniel – Owner of Sabie Poles – started Sabie Poles in 1995 with nothing but a passion for the timber industry, 5 employees and the backing of Lonza (Leader in CCA Treated Timber chemicals). Up until 1995, Daniels was an employee within the industry for years. Seeing a gap in the market for exceptional quality treated timber products, she reinvented herself from employee to entrepreneur.

The Sabie Poles Team consists of a tight-knit family of timber experts. We’re a team that is dedicated to helping you find the best quality and most consistent sustainable timber in the world.

25 years of business


timber exports

All of our timber products management systems meet the international ISO 9002 standards. We are proud to be an exporter of top quality CCA Treated Timber products to all SADC countries and the rest of the world.

We know that our customer’s time is valuable, that is why we are always ready to export with all the required documentation. Furthermore, we carry large quantities of stock on hand to accommodate big orders which makes us a reliable, hassle-free timber manufacturer that can export our products anywhere in the world.


H2 CCA Class
  • Internal Applications like structural timber, flooring, panelling and more
H3 CCA Class
  • External Above Ground applications like fencing bearers, steps and cladding.
H4 CCA Class
  • In Ground Contact applications like Fencing poles, playground structures and decking
H5 CCA Class
  • Wet Soils or In-Water applications like retaining walls, jetties and walkways.
  • SABS inspects each individual order.
H6 CCA Class
  • For application in Sea Water like jetties, walkways and retaining walls.
  • SABS inspects each individual order




At Sabie Poles, we know how important it is to have consistent quality and supply at your disposal. That is why we’ve invested in farming our own Eucalyptus to ensure we are always able to produce the required quantities by the required deadlines.

As farmers of Eucalyptus the whole production process is in our hands with no middle-man. This means you, the customer, get accurate and transparent lead-times, delivery dates and service from our team. 

Certified & Trusted

As the national standardisation authority, the SABS is responsible for maintaining South Africa's database of more than 6,500 national standards, as well as developing new standards and revising, amending or withdrawing existing standards as required

South African Wood Preservers Association, SAWPA, promotes preservative timber treatment and these products in South Africa.

The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications mandate includes promoting public health and safety, environmental protection and ensuring fair trade.

Effective preservative technologies from Lonza extend the service life of timbers, making them a high performance material choice for a wide range of construction, landscaping and engineering applications.
The Southern African Development Community is an inter-governmental organization. Its goal is to further socio-economic cooperation and integration as well as political and security cooperation among 16 southern African countries.
Our team

Timber Specialists

Saie Poles Marina

Marina Daniel

The brains behind the business. Marina Daniel has turned Sabie Poles into the market-leader for CCA Treated Timber in South Africa by collaborating with some of the top contributors in the field. She continues to uphold the values of the company and is an integral part of the daily functioning of Sabie Poles. 

Sabie poles Peter

Peter Daniel

Peter is the glue behind the business and keeps the wheels turning. He does all the farming and is responsible for all the mechanical work and maintenance.

Sabie Poles Steve

Steve Bosh

Steve has been with Sabie Poles for over  21 years. He ensures that the mill runs as a well-oiled machine to have a consistent supply of CCA Treated Products and giving accurate lead times to all customers.

Sabbie Poles Danie

Danie Boshoff

Danie has been with Sabie Poles for 3 years. A dedicated sales leader with a reliable track record of helping over hundreds of happy customers get their orders. Danie is always ready to offer expert advice on the uses, technical aspects of the timber and any other information you may need before finalizing your purchase.


Thys Kemp

“The job isn’t finished until the paperwork is done”. Thys runs all the aspects of the companies finances with an iron fist. He is a visionary with a great heart and passion for the company

Sabie Poles Lucky

Lucky Mabuza

Lucky has served the company for over 23 years. He is in charge of quality and responsible for the despatch of finished products. He runs his treated yard impeccably.

Sabie Poles Isaac

Isaac Male

Isaac is our respected “old man” with the know-how of procuring and manufacturing the right quality of timber. Isaac makes sure that the right quality and quantity of timber gets treated according to the right standards.

Sabiie Poles Linda

Linda Grove

Linda has been with us for 6 years. As the front-of-house receptionist she handles most walk-in customers and refers you to the correct people when inquiring via telephone. She is always ready to help with information and has an abundance of knowledge on our product ranges at Sabie Poles. 

Directly from the Farm to You

Reduction in production times

No delays between ordering, harvesting, manufacturing and getting the order to you. We do everything, therefore we do not rely on any third-party contractors to get the job done.

Consistent Supply

For every single pole we sell, we plant a tree. Therefore, we are able to always provide a consistent, reliable supply of treated timber products

Keep costs as low as possible

We are able to keep our costs low, which in return allows us to give you a fair price on high-quality, certified CCA Treated Timber.

Reduction in production times

No delays between ordering, harvesting, manufacturing and getting the order to you. We do everything, therefore we do not rely on any third-party contractors to get the job done.

Quality Control

In order to have exceptional quality products, each phase of the process needs to be immaculate and done in the ideal conditions. With being the owner of our own farm we are able ensure that our stringent protocols are followed to result in intentional quality, every time.

Environmental Awareness

You can rest easy knowing that your supplier is environmentally aware and taking the planet into consideration with each purchase. Have a clear conscience with the knowledge that your purchases (no matter how big or small) is environmentally friendly.


cca treated timber


At Sabie Poles we use the latest technologies and products to treat our timber. The timber goes through a vigorous high-pressure system to impregnate the Chromated Copper Arsenic substance deep into the timber to ensure protection from:

Local Initiatives

Sabie Poles have been in the local community for 25 years. Many of our employees have come with us from our humble start. We work closely with organizations like Working for Water and other government programs to ensure that we are building a stronger community in our small town.

Additionally, we ensure that we are always working towards a better, greener future by reducing our carbon footprint and making use of the latest research to improve our farming, manufacturing and transport processes. 

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