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WELCOME TO SABIE POLES - We supply Quality CCA Poles & more...

#SabiePoles would like to welcome you to our website. We know that finding great quality Timber products can be difficult, but you can rest assure that Sabie Poles is the perfect partner for the job. Our experience combined with our quality Timber products will help you get the perfect timber for the job.

We are a Phone call away +27 (013) - 764 1141/2


Sabie Poles have always supplied the best quality Timber product to the market that is why after many years of business we are still known as one of the most reliable and best Timber suppliers in SA.

Quality CCA Poles - Cross Cutting to size


Interior Flooring, Hardwood flooring, softwood flooring, Laminated flooring


We supply the market with Flooring & all types of Profiles. If you need interior or exterior flooring we would be able to help. We also have a wide range of profiles available to suit your every need.

Custom Log home, Timber frame house, Timber home,


Our expertise in the timber industry will serve you well in creating a stunning Timber house, Our designers and builders are seasoned and ready to assist with your dream home.

Exterioir decking, treated decking, deck timber, CCA Treated Decking


If you are looking for Heavy Duty decking and CCA Decking that comes with guarantees you have found the right place, we supply Hardwood decking for any application.

CCA Treated Poles, SABS Approved Poles, Quality CCA poles


Our Treatment plant and process has delivered great quality treated timber for many years. All our treated products come with a guarantee and is SABS approved.

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The Timber Suppliers You Can Trust

If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable source that can supply you quality CCA poles, Plywood, Dry-Waling, Custom Pine Profiles, Decking & Flooring – You’ve found a family you can trust Contact Us Now

(013) 764 1141/2 or

Quality CCA Poles

Our CCA Treated Poles are SABS approved and perfect for multiple applications. We have a wide range of sizes available, that will help you finish your projects. Our (H3, H4,H5), SABS approved CCA Treated poles are hand selected. We own our own eucalyptus forests and can guarantee the best quality CCA Poles in South Africa.

We have a big log yard filled with CCA Poles of all sizes and lengths. We always try to keep enough stock on hand to ensure fast delivery. Feel free to drop by and see our Pressure treatment plant in action. Contact Us here if you need help or visit our Facebook Page

Quality CCA Poles Treated & Untreated

Most of our customers prefer treated CCA Poles, but we are able to provide raw untreated poles in various lengths and diameters. This is never a problem seeing that we own our own forests we can custom cut any lengths and sizes you need. You’ll have to get in touch with our team to place a special order for longer length untreated poles, but we usually have stock on hand that has not yet been sent to our pressure treatment plant for CCA treatment.  Some of the Eucalyptus pole  products we have on hand at our log yard in Sabie:

  • Droppers
  • Fencing Poles
  • Construction Poles
  • Transmission Poles (Only available on special order)

You can contact Steve at the office to inquire how we can help you with CCA poles that are untreated, Phone: +27 (013) 764 114

Our SABS approved CCA Poles can be used in a wide range of applications, it  depends on your needs. We have seen our quality Poles used for roof construction, fencing and so much more. Feel free to contact us to find out if our poles will work for your project. Our Friendly staff members are always eager to help.

Decking & Flooring

Decking and Flooring for Interior and Exterior use

There exists a wide range of products on the market to build custom decks or install a custom wood floor. We have been supplying contractors in and around South Africa with quality SABS standard timber products for the decking and flooring sectors. These contractors usually quote for a custom installation project then approach us to help them provide the perfect quality Decking & Flooring. Our timber can be seen in multiple sectors, from Game Lodges to Airports. We have a very big network of Decking & Flooring specialists that we supply timber to and our timber would be perfect for your project. Whether it is an exterior or interior application we have the right solution for you.

Exterior CCA Decking

We specialize in Timber solutions that are perfect for your specific application. That is why we provide a lifelong guarantee on all our Treated timber products. Our Decking is designed to last, with a 32-mm thickness and specialized groves to help prevent warping. We are, through experience, certain that our Decking is the best in South Africa. We are able to supply Pine timber decking for both private and industrial applications (We do suggest extra attention to finishing when installing industrial decking). We always recommend that our customers use our SABS standard H5 CCA Decking for external projects, where the deck will be exposed to the elements. The CCA Decking timber is chemically engineered to withstand nature’s wrath and successfully prevents insect damage. Treated decking is a solution that not only lasts but looks good.

Interior Pine Wood Flooring

We have a wide range of flooring available for interior application. The most common interior wood flooring we supply is the 22mm x 102mm Pine flooring. This type of Wood flooring is designed for interior use, where structural beams are closer together. The Pine Flooring is profiled to be able to slide into each other when installing, this helps the user install the flooring with ease and finishes with a clean natural look. These  floors can be sanded down and treated to your heart’s content. Whether you prefer a rustic flooring finish or a white wash flooring finish it is possible with our Pine wood flooring. All our flooring is made out of quality pine timber, meaning the Flooring boards are profiled out of aged Timber logs. This makes the flooring strong and durable. The age of the tree is directly responsible for the quality of the boards, and in our case all our flooring is produced with that fact in mind.

Our CCA Treated Decking & Flooring is designed and manufactured in Sabie Mpumalanga, We take special care to only select the finest timber products for our customers. All our CCA Decking & Flooring is SABS approved and perfect for interior or exterior applications. Our Treated Decking comes with a lifelong guarantee and is SABS approved. We often help clients plan their projects and to get the perfect quality decking or flooring for their project.  Contact Us here if you need help or visit our Facebook Page to get in touch.

Timber Log Homes

Timber Log Homes

If you feel like upgrading your “lapa” or need a custom build log home, #SabiePoles can help. Our Poles are sourced from our self managed forest. This ensures quality as well as availability. We helped build a lot of Timber homes in the past, as you can see in our images above. We create everything for you from the architectural drawings to the cladding on the walls. These structures are very reliable and cost effective. If you are planning a wedding-venue, conference hall or restaurant you should consider building it with our quality treated timber.


We have a team of qualified and experienced staff that can help you design, draw and implement your dream house/structure. We meet with the client and draw a rough sketch of what the client wants. After this our architect draws up the actual plan, giving you updates regularly. Upon completion the plans are sent to you, in case you need something changed. We also assist in obtaining the required permits and certificates to build you dream house.

Timber Supply

We own our own forests and guarantee the best possible treated poles. All our treated timber product come with a 20 year guarantee. We can provide most sizes and types used in the construction of your home. We provide construction poles, boards, cladding, exterior decking and interior hardwood flooring for that awe inspiring finish.


Construction Grade Timber & Logs

We have been in business for many years, building both clients and suppliers, always delivering on our promises. We are therefore perfectly positioned to help supply our clients with quality construction timber material. Whether it is treated or un-treated boards we’ve got them all. We can supply wholesale orders and profiled boards specific to your needs. Sizing on our material: 114mm x 38mm | 50mm x 76mm | 38mm x 38mm | Any length from 3,6m up to a 6,6m can be supplied.

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The Timber Suppliers You Can Trust

If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable source that can supply you quality CCA poles, Plywood, Dry-Waling, Custom Pine Profiles, Decking & Flooring – You’ve found a family you can trust Contact Us Now

(013) 764 1141/2 or